About the author of Going Abroad
John MacGibbon is a great-great-grandson of the John MacGibbon who is a central character in the book, Going Abroad. He lives with his wife Liz partly in New Zealand's capital city, Wellington, and partly in an old cottage in the Wairarapa village of Martinborough, where some of New Zealand's best wines are produced. They have four adult children. John has a writing, editing, publishing and business communications consultancy and he has previously worked as an economist, journalist, musician and parliamentary press secretary. This was his first full-length book. He grew up in the South Island, mainly in a tiny country district in North Otago called Ardgowan. He has since published a photographic book, 'Struan's War' (about the experiences of New Zealand Division soldiers in North Africa during World War Two), 'Wool – a history of New Zealand's wool industry (co-authored with Bill Carter) and  Piano in the Parlour – when the piano was New Zealand's home entertainment centre.
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