Passenger arrivals at Port Chalmers,
New Zealand, 1848-1851

(Expanded and corrected from Dr Hocken's 1898 lists)


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1. This consolidated list includes  enlargements and corrections from the Otago Settlers' Museum list, plus other corrections and additions I have received directly from ship descendants.
(More corrections are welcomed!)

2. People in this list are generally those who landed 'live' in Dunedin, and do not include deaths which occurred during the voyage. An exception to this is the Mooltan information, which does include those who died on board the ship (marked +), and also passengers who sailed on in the Mooltan to Wellington (marked *).

3. Dates are  in dd/mm/yyyy format.

4. Names underlined and coloured red are family members who travelled on the ship

Please don't ask us about Port Chalmers passenger arrivals later than 1851. Try Australia and New Zealand Passenger Lists. It's not our area of expertise. Also, please don't ask what individual passengers did after they arrived In New Zealand. All we know about them is in these lists.


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Adam, James (25) [boatbuilder, precentor, emigration agent, farmer; Tokomairiro; d. 27/3/1908]; Margt. née Milne, wife [d. pre 1861]; Helen (2) [m. Alexander Wisely,; Tokomairiro; d. 23/5/1917]; [PHILIP LAING]
Adams, John James (29) [tailor; ag.; Tokomairiro; d. 13/10/1894]; Elizabeth née Noble or Sommerville, wife (25) [d. 31/3/1881]; Elizabeth (5); John Archibald Duncan (3) [solicitor; d. 8/10/1936]. [BLUNDELL]
Addie, Thomas (35) [labourer]; Agnes née Hamilton, wife (28); James (8). [CORNWALL]
Aitcheson, William (16) [groom, grocer ag.; Kaitangata; d. 10/3/1912]. [MOOLTAN]
Aitken, Christina Mrs. [BERKSHIRE]
Aitken, George (24) [shopkeeper; went to Nelson]; wife (21). [PHILIP LAING]
Aitken, George [labourer]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Alexander, Henrietta [governess to Mr Garrick's family]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Anderson, Alexander (35) [weaver, ag.; Otepopo; d. 18/8/1893]; Mary née Stark wife (33) [d. 29/4/1901]; Adam (10) [d. 30/6/1915]; James (8) [alive 1925]; Ann (3). [BLUNDELL]
Anderson, Andrew (38) [carpenter]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Anderson, John (25) [gardener; Caversham; m. Maria née Calder; d. 23/6/1893]. [AJAX]
Anderson, John (37) [ag.; Blueskin, Wyndham, Napier; d. pre 1898]; Helen née Murray, wife (32) [d. 1/6/1902]; John (11) [ag.; Gisborne; m. Margaret Thomson; alive 1898]; Ellen (10) [d. Oamaru 7/10/1919]; William (8) [d. Moa Flat 26/11/1875]; Anderson Andrew (7) [Gisborne]; Elizabeth (5); David (4); Peter (1). [BERNICIA]
Archdeacon, William (21) [returned]. [MARINER 2]
Archibald, A (21) [brother of J.; ag. Clutha]. [POICTIERS]
Archibald, Alexander (41) [flaxdresser, barber; NSW?]; Mary Ann née Pearson, wife [NSW?]; Archibald James (5) [NSW?]; Mary Anne (2) [NSW?]; [Hocken also lists Alexander (8) [NSW]; James (5) [NSW]. [MARINER 1]
Archibald, Ann (31). [PHOEBE DUNBAR]
Archibald, J (19) [brother of A.]. [POICTIERS]
Ashton, Henry (19) [in embarkation lists; not in Burns' Visitors Book]. [BLUNDELL]
Atkinson, Edward Bland (23) [storekeeper, farmer, m. Margaret Westland; Oamaru]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]


Bailey, Benjamin [to Riverton].[VICTORY]
Bain, James (28) [gardener; Lower Kaikorai; d. 8/4/1863]; Marion née Christie, wife (28) [d. 24/9/1898]; John (5) [d. 15/3/1938]; Catherine (3); James (1). [LARKINS]
Bain, Thomas (34) [tailor; Princes St.; d. 30/12/1853]; Christina Sprot née Stewart, wife (31) [d. 25/12/1893]; Kenneth Burns (3) [station manager; Timaru, alive in Christchurch, 1898]; Margaret Mariner Clark (born on ship). [MARINER 1]
Bald, Andrew (28). [MARINER 1]
Barr, Archibald (28) [ag., postmaster; m. Mary née Dick (ex Mooltan) in 1850; m. Sarah née Hepburn (ex Poictiers) in 1858; d. 20/8/1898]. [MARINER 1]
Barr, Jane (22) [servant; m. Charles John Hopkinson (ex Ajax), 18/6/1850; d 12/1850]. [MOOLTAN]
Barr, John (47) [mason; Wellington], Mrs Barr+, wife (48). [MOOLTAN]
Barr, John, (38) [weaver, lst gaoler, poundkeeper; Little Paisley; d. 25/11/1873]; Elizabeth née Stewart, wife (37) [d. 29/6/1880]; William (16) [farmer; Kaikorai; d. 10/5/1887]; John (14) [butcher; d. Te Houka, 1876]; Frances (12) [m. Donald Reid (ex Mary) of West Taieri; d. 4/11/1868]; Robert (5) [ag.; Te Houka; d. 27/8/1908]; Mary (3) [m. James Baxter; d. 30/5/1878]; Elizabeth (1) [d. 2/7/1928]. [PHILIP LAING]
Barr, Thomas J (30) [ag., merchant]. [MARINER 1]
Basire, Frederick Daniel [druggist, doctor; Port Chalmers; m. Susannah Sarah née Tayler (also on the Mary) on 14/3/1850; d. 27/7/1870].  [MARY]
Batchelor, Elizabeth Wild (17) [servant; m. William Henry Monson (ex John Wickliffe); d. 9/9/1862]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Beaton, Duncan (30) [shepherd]; Catherine née Cameron, wife (26). [CORNWALL]
Beaton, Malcolm* (25) {ploughman}. [MOOLTAN]
Beattie, Margaret (29) [teacher]. [LARKINS]
Beattie, Margaret (62) [widow; d. 20/3/1867]. [MOOLTAN]
Beattie, Mary (14) [niece of Margaret Beattie; m. John Duncan (ex Mooltan), 15/2/1853; Corner Bush; d. 24/4/1887]. [MOOLTAN]
Begg, Adam (35) [stationmaster, ag.; Andersons Bay; d. 17/8/1898]; Isabella née Sommerville, wife (32) [d. 1/4/1895]; Isabella (10) [m. James Somerville (cousin, also on the Blundell; Waitepeka; d. 27/5/1903]; William (6) [sheepfarmer; Hillend; d. 23/9/1904]; Janet Aitken (4) [m. John Wilson, contractor; Andersons Bay;d. 22/6/1915]; Adam (5 weeks] [d. 19/7/1918]. [BLUNDELL]
Bell, Alison Hunter (36) [spinster; dressmaker, d. by 1898]. [MOOLTAN]
Bell, John (25) [ag., farmer; W. Taieri; d. 4/5/1887]. [PHILIP LAING]
Bennie, Janet (24) [servant; m. William McMeikan ex Poictiers, 23/9/1851; d. 29/10/1853]. [MOOLTAN]
Bentley, Charles (26) [miller; d. 4/12/1896]; Harriet née Ragg, wife (21) [d. 7/12/1881]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Bentley, George (13) [unm.; d. 11/7/1866]. [PHOEBE DUNBAR]
Bentley, John (24) [labourer]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Bentley, Rachel (18) [m. John Styles (ex Ajax); d. 28/6/1892]. [PHOEBE DUNBAR]
Bernays, Lewis Adolphus (19) [m. Jane née Borton (ex Poictiers); alve Brisbane 1900]. [POICTIERS]
Berney, George Robert Borham (20) [gentleman, ag.; Catlins; m. - Logie]. [POICTIERS]
Bissett, William, (22) [mason; Molyneux; d. Kaitangata 9/6/1885], Agnes née McLeod, wife (17) [d. Kaitangata, 19/3/1914]. [MOOLTAN]
Black, John (32) [carpenter, ag.; North-East Valley; d. 8/10/1880]; Margaret née Milne, wife (Mrs Robertson before she married John Black) (37) [d. 16/9/1883]; Andrew Robertson (10) [lineman]; William (2) [d. 15/7/1925]; Anne (2 months; d. 12/4/1945]. [N.B. need to check NZCO passenger list - the children may have the surname Robertson. Also check whether Margaret's original name was Robertson or Milne. Also check the number of children - the OSM list omits all but Andrew. And were the younger children to Mr Black or Mrs Robertson?] [BLUNDELL]
Blackie, James (21) [schoolmaster; d. Sydney, 25/1/1851]. [PHILIP LAING]
Blackie, Matilda (25) [m. Captain Thomson ; went north]. [LARKINS]
Blackie, William (45) [shipmaster ag.; Caversham and Taieri; d. 12/4/1862], Jane née Maitland, wife (36) [second marriage 8/5/1863 to James Forrest, ag.; East Taieri; d 8/6/1881]; William (11) [Caversham; d. 28/5/1853]; John (9) [m. Barbara Henderson née McLeod, 23/10/1868; Caversham; d. Taieri, 23/7/1861]; Mary Jane (6) [m. John Allan, 23/7/1861; d. Taieri, 8/12/1881]; Jessie Jones (4) [m. James Johnson, farmer, 19/8/1863; Taieri; d. 8/10/1907]; Catherine (2 months) [m. David Wilson, 31/1/1871; d. Flag Swamp, 7/3/1887]. [MOOLTAN]
Blair, James Buchanan (21) [farmer; Green Island, Otokia Cemty d. 8/11/1873]. [CORNWALL]
Blatch, Henry Frederick (40) [gardener; Upper Harbour; d. 6/2/1888]; Sarah Mercy née Batchelor, wife (40) [d. 27/12/1886]; Thomas H (14) [d. 1/11/1925]; Alfred (12) [farmer; d. 29/6/1918]; Ann Caroline (10); Mary Eliza (4) [m. Conrad Rains (ex John Wickliffe); d. 16/10/1885]; Emma (2) [unm.; d. 30/8/1867]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Bond, John (34) ; Elizabeth née ?, wife (35); Sarah (10). [ Family moved to to Tasmania.] [MARY]
Bond, Richard (26) [went to Wellington]; Margaret, wife (25). [AJAX]
Borton, Emily (19) [m. A C Strode, Resident Magistrate; d. England, 1/1890]. [LADY NUGENT]
Borton, Frederick [d. Toowoomba, 14/5/1917]. [LADY NUGENT]
Borton, John (22) [merchant, runholder; Oamaru; m. Mary Eliza Every on 1/5/1858; d. 19/3/1916]. [CORNWALL]
Borton, Mary Jane Eliza (22) [m. Lewis Berneys (ex Poictiers). [POICTIERS]
Bower, David (28) [gardener; Balclutha; d. 29/5/1897]; Jean née Cuddie, wife (22) [d. 16/5/1894]. [PHILIP LAING]
Bower, Isabella Donald (47) [widow of David Bower]; Charlotte Pringle Scott (18) [m.; went to Auckland Islands; d. 25/8/1893]; Hugh Donald (16) [ag.; Molyneux; m. Agnes Marshall (ex Philip Laing); Joseph (14) [d. 26/9/1912]; Julia Brodie (12) [m. Matthew Marshall (ex Philp Laing); Hillend;d. 6/1/1915]. [LARKINS]
Boyd, Allan (22) [shepherd, runholder; Deep Stream; d. 4/9/1913]. [MOOLTAN]
Boyd, John (28) [shepherd, Deep Stream; d. 26/6/1898]. [MOOLTAN]
Boyes, Andrew (31) [tailor, Caversham; d. in North East Valley, Dunedin, 6/5/1901]; Isabella née Matheson, wife (23) [d. 11/3/1863]; Elizabeth Ann (2) [m. 1/12/1870 to John Coombs; d. 22/8/1943]; Andrew (six months) [m. with six children, wife’s name unknown; d. 8/7/1917]. Andrew and Isabella Boyes had six more children, born in Dunedin: Isabella, Duncan, Margaret, David, John and Helen. [MARINER 1]
Breakie, Hugh (22) [unm.] [PHILIP LAING]
Brebner, Thomas (29) [labourer, waterman; Port Chalmers; d.4/4/1883]; Mary née Hambleton, wife (23) [d. 7/1898]; Adam Glendinning (3.5) [Stationmaster at Bluff d. 10/11/1910]; Robert (1.5) [drowned Martins Bay; unm.]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Brotherston, Charles (26) [carpenter; Hope St; d. 4/7/1909]. [LARKINS]
Brotherston, Jane (27) [m. William Gray (ex Larkins); Waihola, Roslyn; d. 9/4/1903]. [LARKINS]
Brown, George (52) [sawmiller, ag.; Tokomairiro; d. 3/7/1882]; Isabella née Elder, wife (53) [d. 5/0/1878]; Helen (25) [m. James Murdoch, ag.; South Molyneux; d. pre 1900]; George Elder (22) [carpenter; m. Maxwell Mcdonald Finlayson (ex Blundell); Blenheim; d. 17/5/1918]; Isabella (21) [m. Mark Scott (ex Eden), ag.; Milton; d. 25/9/1916]; Jane (21) [m. Peter McGill, miller; Milton; d. 17/6/1862]; Margaret Oughton (16) [m. John Sommerville (ex Blundell); Waitepeka; d. 16/3/1910]; Alexander (8) [ag.; Tokomairiro; m. Margaret née Isbister; d. 20/10/1916]. [EDEN]
Brown, James (23) [calico printer, ag.; Andersons Bay; d. 27/11/1891]; Hannah née Renfrew, wife (21) [d. 18/8/1891]; Philip Elles [born on ship, 1/2/1848; d. 2/3/1848]. [PHILIP LAING]
Brown, James (23). [BLUNDELL]
Brown, James (29) [cartoonist; d. 12/9/1877]; Ann née Newbegin, wife (25) [d. 31/5/1916]. [LARKINS]
Brown, James (35) [draper; d. 2/5/1899; Emma née Hepburn, wife (25) [d. 8/3/1888]; George (5) [draper; d. 20/11/1915]; Helen Inglis (3) [m. Thomas Moodie; estate agent; d. 7/4/1907]; Emma Hepburn(2) [m. Alexander Herdman, accountant and banker; d. 4/8/1917]; James McNeil (born on voyage) [m. Emily Ashendon; d. Sydney 17/6/1912]]. [BERNICIA]
Brown, James (49) [gardener, ag.; East Taieri; d. 19/4/1879]; Marion née Watt, wife (44) [d. 29/5/1890]; Janet (22) [servant; m. William Pollock (ex Philip Laing), butcher; d. Invercargill 18/3/1903]; James (19) [servant, ag. East Taieri; d. 29/12/1887]; John (15) [servant]; Robert Watt (13) [ag.; Taieri]; David (8) [ag. Otago]; William McFarlane (3) [grandson of James and Marion]. [BERNICIA]
Brown, James Elder (25) [ag.; Tokomairiro; J.P.; d. 16/1/1900]. [AJAX]
Brown, Jane (26) [m. William Mattheson, blacksmith; Tokomairiro]; d. 29/4/1900. [AJAX]
Brown, Janet (35) [m. Alexander McNeill (ex Mooltan); Clutha; 1893 or 1898]. [AJAX]
Brown, John (36) [contractor]; wife (32). [PHILIP LAING]
Brown, William (17) [m. Margaret née Shand (ex Phoebe Dunbar); Green Island; d. 10/11/1908]. [POICTIERS]
Bruce Alex. Hogg (22) [schoolmaster; went to Wellington in 1848]. [PHILIP LAING]
Buchanan, James (44) [PHILIP LAING]
Buchanan, John (46) [weaver, beadle; Great King St; d. 26/3/1880]; Margaret née McCulloch, wife (40 [d. 1/9/1900); Isabella (3) [d. 14/10/1864]; Jeanie (3 months) [m. James Stevenson, d. 16/2/1926]. [PHILIP LAING]
Buchanan, Thomas (42) [weaver, farmer; West Taieri; d. 16/7/1876]; Margaret née Graham, wife (40) [d. 22/6/1884]; Gilbert (20) [ag.; m. Elizabeth née Dalziel (ex Philip Laing); West Taieri; d. 24/2/1913]; James (15) [ag.; never married; West Taieri; d. 28/10/1913]; Ellen (9) [d. 16/1/1913]; John (8) [d. 31/5/1874]; David (4) [d. 11/8/1927]; Jessie (3) [d. 27/3/1876]. [PHILIP LAING]
Burns, Thomas Rev. (52) [first minister (Free Church), d. 23/1/1871]; Clementina née Grant, wife (44) [d. 19/7/1878]; Arthur John (17) [farmer, m. Sarah Scott née Dickson; Mosgiel; d. 15/9/1901]; Clementina (15) [m. Capt. Andrew Jamieson Elles; d. 18/9/1862]; Jane (13) [m. Rev William Bannerman; d. 9/10/1923]; Annie (8) [m. Alexander Robert Livingston; d. 21/11/1918]; Frances (6) [m. Henry Livingston; d. 28/7/1922]; Agnes (1) [unm.; d. 30/12/1929]. [PHILIP LAING]
Buswell, William H (28) [ag.; North Clutha]; Mary, wife (25) [Some doubt over these two people's relationship.] [AJAX]


Calder, David (46) [mason, road engineer; Caversham; d. 15/10/1879]; Jane née Paterson, wife (42) [d. 15/1/1878]; Jane (22) [dressmaker; m. John Mills (ex Philip Laing); Green Island; d. 21/2/1898]; Hugh (19) [labourer; d. 12/9/1911]; Isabella (17) [milliner, m. John Boyle Todd (ex Philip Laing) in 17/5/1854 (J B Todd died 27/5/1854); second marriage to Henry Frederick Hardy in 23/10/1854; d. 21/5/1871]; Maria (15) [m. John Anderson (ex Ajax) on 13/12/1850; Caversham; d. 4/9/1916]; James (10) [d. Oamaru 22/6/1890]; David (7) [m. three times: Jessie Adam née Ure, 31/10/1866; Mary Ann née Furness, 23/8/1871; and Mary Jane née Brownlee, 24/2/1891; d. 31/5/1922]; George (4) [m. Annie née Clarke 22/8/71; d. Naseby 1/5/1924]; John (1) [m. Marion Tod née Burt 8/7/74, and Martha née Kinloch in 4/2/1890; d. 28/4/1930]. [MARINER 1]
Callander, James (41) [farmer; East Taieri]; Jean née Cuthbertson, wife (37) [d. 8/1900]; James (16) [d. 18/4/1914]; John (12) [d. 5/9/1917]; Alexander (10) [farmer; m. Barbara née Law (ex Blundell) on 26/12/1862; Scrogg’s Hill; d. 25/12/1909]; Rebecca (3) [died young]. [PHILIP LAING]
Cameron, Donald (35) [ag.]. [LARKINS]
Cameron, Duncan (24) [ploughman, Halfway Bush; d. 2/6/1904]. [MOOLTAN]
Cameron, Lewis (23); Mary née Martin, wife (20) [d. 10/1856]; Mary (3); Lewis (1) [d. 6/1849]. [PHILIP LAING]
Campbell, Alexander (21). [MARY]
Campbell, Peter Gardner (34) [basketmaker, ag.; Taieri Mouth; d. 23/8/1881]; Jane née Fraser, wife (34) [d. 29/5/1860]; Peter (15) [d. 1878]; John (13) [Australia]; Anne (11) [m. Antonio Joseph, boatman; Taieri Mouth, 1851; d. 5/1/1903]; Jane Anne (5) [d. 2/1921]; Archibald (2) [ag.; Taieri Mouth; d/ 25/2/1914]. [AJAX]
Campbell, Robert (31) [ag.; Kaihiku, St Clair; d. 18/11/1904]; Christina née McArthur, wife (28) [d. 30/5/1889]. [AJAX]
Caradus, Mary Ann [Mrs Burns' servant; d. 29/9/1910]. [PHILIP LAING]
Carberry, Kitty (45) [servant to Cargill family; d. 12/7/1868]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Cargill, William, Capt. (63) [leader of the Otago Settlement; d. 6/8/1860]; Mary Ann née Yates, wife (57); Christiana Dorothea (20) [m. William Henry Cutten (ex John Wickliffe); d. 24/9/1918]; Marion Jamieson (18) [m. John Rbt. Johnston]; John [m. Sarah Jones; 2nd Eliza C Featherston; runholder; in British Columbia; d. 2/1/1898], Spencer (17) [m. Mary Batson; went to India]; Annie Cunningham (13) [m. John Hyde Harris, ex Poictiers; d. 18/1/1881]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Carnegie, John de !a Condamine (19) [storekeeper, auctioneer; d. 13/9/1859]; Emma Sarah née Stitchell, wife (20) [m. on ship, 3/4/1848; d. pre 1856]. [PHILIP LAING]
Carrick, Robert (14) [d. pre 1898]. [PHILIP LAING]
Carter, John Lloyd (34) [ag.; Sawyers Bay; d. pre 1898]. [CORNWALL]
Carter, Thomas (29) [ag.; Sawyers Bay; brother of John Lloyd; d. pre 1898]. [CORNWALL]
Chalmers, Alexander., [farmer; Halfway Bush; d. 25/7/1861]; Jane née Thomson, wife [d. 23/12/1857]; Alexander (8) [d. 2/7/1864]; Michael Willis (2) [d. 16/10/1867]. [PHILIP LAING]
Chalmers, Gerit Alexander (22) [ag. runholder; Moa Flat; m. Ellinor F née Fitzgerald of Melbourne]. [AJAX]
Chalmers, Nathaniel (18) [ag.; Fiji; sugar planter; d. Suva 2/12/1910]. [AJAX]
Chapman, George Thomson (23) [clerk, bookseller; Auckland; d. 24/6/1881]; Isabella née Falconer, wife (23) [d. 21/3/1850]. [BLUNDELL]
Chapman, Robert (36) [solicitor, registrar, landowner; d. 10/9/1898]; Christina née Finlayson, wife (23) [d. 1/4/1910]; Charles (2) [solicitor; d. 1/8/1928]. [BLUNDELL]
Chapman, William (36) [gardener; North East Valley, Tokomairiro]; Helen née Knox, wife (31); Janet (5); William (3) [carpenter; Ravensbourne]; George (1). [LADY NUGENT]
Christie, Ellen Miss (21). [AJAX]

Christie, James (28) [sawyer; Macandrew Bay; d. 28/9/1893]; Mary née Ferguson, wife (26) [sister of John Ferguson Jr, also on this ship; d. 8/11/1895]; John (8) [constable; appears to have died before his parents]; Christina (2) [d. 28/8/1848]. [PHILIP LAING]
Chrystal, Francis (26) [baker, farmer; Akatore; never married; d. 1893]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Clark, Henry (26) [carpenter, ag., county chairman; Bruce; d. 15/8/1905]; Christian née Heron, wife (27] [d. 9/1/1903]; Elspeth (2) [m. William Tulloch; d. 1907-1908]. [BLUNDELL]
Clemison, Plumpton (29) [gentleman; Sawyer's Bay, m. Mary Peterson (ex Mooltan) on 4/11/1851; d. 5/12/1873] (Clemison was originally to travel on to Wellington, but instead stayed in Dunedin.). [MOOLTAN]
Cook, Charles John (38) [mariner]; Eliza H née ?, wife (38). [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Cornwall, J D (22). [CORNWALL]
Craig, Robert (21) [farmer]. [MARINER 1]
Craigie, Hugh (44) [ag.; North East Valley, Taieri Mouth; d. 1870]; Margaret (was Mrs Harrold) née Marwick, wife (51) [d. 1885]; Richard (17) [ag.; Taieri Mouth; d 12/7/1917]. [BERNICIA]
Cramond, Robert (32) [blacksmith; East Taieri; d. 16/1/1893]; Margaret née Tait, wife (30) [d. 18/12/1882]; John (9) [coachdriver; Timaru; d. pre 1893]; Jane (7) [d. 22/2/1913]; Robert (5) [blacksmith; Dunedin, East Taieri; d. 29/11/1872]; James (3) [blacksmith; Dunedin; d. 28/11/1891]; William (2) [d. 7/9/1927]; Mary (born on ship) [d. 14/10/1913]. [MARY]
Crawford, Charles (33) [ag.; North East Harbour]; Elizabeth née Wilson, wife (32); George (14); Charles (9); Margaret (4); John (2); Elizabeth (4 months). [PHILIP LAING]
Crawford, George (44) [ag.; York Place; d. 21/2/1863]; Margaret née Lorimer, wife (46) [d. 6/12/1867]; Ann (22) [d. 18/6/1918]; Jessie Isabella (19); Peter (16) [farmer; G. I. Bush; d. 26/5/1908]. [PHILIP LAING]
Cuddie, Thomas [ag.; Saddle Hill; d. 16/12/1871]; Mary née Parkinson, wife (24) [d. 9/6/1889]; Thomas Alexander (2) [d. 23/4/1848]; Alexander Thomas Burns (born on ship) [storekeeper; Mosgiel; d. 31/8/1871]. [PHILIP LAING]
Culling, Thomas [m. Margaret Torrance ex Mooltan; d. 23/3/1901] (Not in Hocken list) [AJAX]
Cunningham, James [carpenter; Kaikorai; d. 7/11/1884]. [PHILIP LAING]
Curle, John (27) [labourer, tinsmith; Mornington, d.3/1888], Elizabeth née Torrance, wife (28) [d. 3/7/1862], James (3) [m. Jeannie Matthews; Lookout Point; d. 2/11/1924]. [MOOLTAN]
Cutten, William Henry [m. Christiana Dorothea née Cargill (ex John Wickliffe); d. 30/6/1883]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]


Dalton, John (41) [bricklayer; Princes Street; d. 3/2/1863]; Margaret née McGregor, wife (42) [Margaret was formerly married to a Mr Reid, and her children carried that surname (see entry for Reid below); d. 24/4/1869]. [MARY]
Dalziel, Andrew (43) [ag. sawyer; Chain Hills; d. 28/5/1885]; Margaret née Jarvey, wife (42) [d. 23/9/1877]; Elizabeth (11) [m Gilbert Buchanan, ex Philip Laing; d.6/1/1872]; Agnes (6) [d. 6/4/1927]; Jean (6) [m. Thomas Moodie, 4/9/1863;d. 9/7/1920]; Robert (3) [d. 21/6/1925]. [PHILIP LAING]
Davidson, Alexander (21). [CORNWALL]
Dawson, William (24) [farm servant, ag.; alive Tapanui in 1900]; Mary née Troup, wife (23) [d. Invercargill 11/1913]. [PHOEBE DUNBAR]
Day, Walter (3) [ironmonger, government clerk; d/ 5/12/1900]. [EDEN]
Delaire, Phillip (32) [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Derry or Derby, Fanny (30) [servant]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Dewe, John Revd. (30) [d. Invercargill, 13/9/1880]; Eliza Matilda née Woodhead, wife (36) [d. Tapanui, 12/12/1899]; Eliza Mary (6) [m. Horace L Squires; d. Whangarei, 29/6/1925]; Catherine (4) [m. John Squires; d. Bluff, 15/7/1912]; Emily (3) [d. Invercargill, 22/8/1926]; Fanny Arabella (1) [d. Oregon, 4/1/1885]. [BLUNDELL]
Dick, Mary (18) [servant; m. Archibald Barr, ex Mariner voyage 1, 2/7/1850; d. pre 1858]. [MOOLTAN]
Dickson, Alexander (30) [ag.; Kuri Bush; d. 21/7/1889]. [PHILIP LAING]
Digby, John (20) [VICTORY]
Dodd, Thomas (22) [Canterbury]. [AJAX]
Dodds, John (16) [carpenter, Port Chalmers; d. pre 1880]. [BLUNDELL]
Doig, Andrew McJames (21) [farmer; Green Island, d. by 1898]. [MOOLTAN]
Dommett, Henry (25), labourer. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Donald, Mr [in Otago News list; not in Dr Hocken's list] [CORNWALL]
Donaldson, Robert (19) [farmer; went north]. [PHILIP LAING]
Douglas, Daniel (23) [to Victoria]. [BLUNDELL]
Dowell, John [shoemaker] [PHILIP LAING]
Dowie, Robert (38) [shepherd, ag.; East Taieri]; Margaret née?, wife (25 or 31) [d. 16/4/1904]. [BLUNDELL]
Duckworth, Robert Francis (34) [ag; Andersons Bay; d. 25/4/1886]; Margaret née Umphray, wife (31) [d. 14/3/1888]; Elizabeth (11) [d. 29/12/1910]; Agnes (9) [servant]; James (4) [ag.; Andersons Bay; d. 25/1/1924]; Margaret (2) [unm. d. 31/1/1873]. [MARY]
Duff, Donald (59) [widower on arrival; ag.; North East Valley; d. 29/11/1865]. [LARKINS]
Duff, John (22) [shoemaker; Signal Hill; North East Valley; Molyneux; d. 26/12/1872]. [LARKINS]
Duff, Margaret (25) [m. Louis Edwards (crewman on the Larkins); North East Harbour; d. 24/1/1884]. [LARKINS]
Duff, William (29) [coachman, farmer; Waihola; d. 10/12/1905]; Mary Marshall née Boyd, wife [d. 4/11/1905]; Adam Robert (5) [butcher; m. Evelyn née Wurram; Outram]; Marion Walker (4) [d. Sydney 29/8/1938]; Elizabeth Marshall (4) [still alive 1915]. [PHILIP LAING]
Duncan, Agnes (14) [servant; m. James Pollock, ex Philip Laing, 3/8/1855; d. 11/10/1920]. [MOOLTAN]
Duncan, Andrew (38) [to Wanganui]; Margaret née?, wife (36); John (9) [solicitor; Christchurch]; Andrew (2.5). [BLUNDELL]
Duncan, George (23) [shepherd, butcher, M.P.C.; San Francisco], Elspeth, wife (20). [MOOLTAN]
Duncan, John Jr, (20) [labourer, butcher, ag.; Corner Bush]. [MOOLTAN]
Duncan, John Snr (39) [gardener, labourer; North East Valley; d. 28/6/1883]; Ann née Fortune, wife (37) [d. 12/3/1894]; Henry (8) [goldminer; Waikouaiti]; John (6) [brickmaker; North East Valley; d. 5/3/1898]; William (2) [d. by 1898]. [MOOLTAN]
Dunlop, David (48) [gentleman; d. pre 1854]; Catherine née Watt, wife (46); Walter (9); James (7); Jane (6); John (3); Donald (inf). [CORNWALL]


Edwards, Lewis [crew; m. Margaret née Duff (ex Larkins); d. 10/10/1873]. [LARKINS]
Elliot, William (23) [carpenter; Sydney]. [LARKINS]
Elmslie, Arthur (30) [returned]. [BLUNDELL]
Evered, Susan (26) [m. George Steel (ex Phoebe Dunbar) 23/11/1850; d. 4/10/1883]; [Thomas, infant - see also under Steel below] [PHOEBE DUNBAR]


Falconer, John (31) [ag., beadle, sexton; Waikari]; Isabella née Falconer, (second) wife (17); Robert Morrison (9); Isabella (5); James (4); Jane (2 or 3) [d. 5/2/1861]. [LARKINS]
Falconer, Mary (21) [teacher, m. William Johnson, lawyer; Tokomairiro]. [BLUNDELL]
Ferens, Thomas (25) [ag. m. Margaret Westland; Oamaru; d. 6/6/1888]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Ferguson, Archibald (21). [MARINER 1]
Ferguson, Donald (32) [shepherd]. [MOOLTAN]
Ferguson, John Jr (27) [carpenter; built first school-house in Dunedin and the first public hospital in Christchurch; d. 28/5/1872]; Mary Ann née Dalziell (26), 2nd wife [d. 9/8/1896]; John (1 or 2) [child from John Jr's first marriage]. [PHILIP LAING]
Ferguson, John Sr (49) [sawyer, North-East Harbour; d. 24/6/1862]; Helen née Clark, wife [d. 14/4/1858]. [PHILIP LAING]
Ferguson, Thomas (42); Ann née Kirkland, wife (32); Ann (5).Sarah (4).Margaret (2). [MARY]
Ferguson, William (25) [gentleman settler; Molyneux; m. Robina née Rattray]. [MOOLTAN]
Field, Andrew (18) [slater]. [Not in Burns' Visitation Book] [BERNICIA]
Filleul, Richard (14) [lost in Lord Raglan, 1863, unm.]. [AJAX]
Filleul, William Gabriel [ag., R.M. clerk; Oamaru; d. Nelson 4/8/1902]. [AJAX]
Finch, John (34) [labourer, farmer; Milton; d. 22/11/1897]; Elizabeth née Shaw, wife (30) [d. 19/10/1875]; John (6) [m. Margaret Strain (ex Ajax); d. 24/1/1921]; Samuel (4) [carter, ag.; N E Valley; d. 28/2/1899]; Emma (3 [d. 26/1/1916); Elizabeth (4 months) [d.11/4/1927]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Findlater, Alexander (39) [storekeeper, ag.; Halfway Bush; d. 18/11/1876]; Elizabeth née Turnbull, wife (36) [d. 6/10/1866]; Alexander (15) [d. 6/1880]; Eliza Leslie (10) [d. 21/11/1909]; James Turnbull (8) [in Catlins in 1893]; Mary (6) [unm.; d. 26/12/1873]; Susan Forrester (3) [d. 31/7/1924]. [LADY NUGENT]
Finlayson, Maxwell McDonald (21) [m. Geo. Brown (ex Eden); d. Blenheim (?), 19/11/1878]. [BLUNDELL]
Forbes, John (18) [returned to Ireland and soon died]. [AJAX]
Foster, Henry Angel (25) [carpenter; Dunedin; d. 6/8/1902]; Eliza Anne née Pearce, wife (30) [d. 24/7/1917]; Henry Charles (1) [11/6/1923]. [MARY]
Fowler, Beatrice (25) [m. Edward Palmer, whaler; d. 17/7/1896]. [TITAN]
France, William (21) [mason; Clutha]. [BLUNDELL]
Fraser, Andrew (24) [labourer]. [LARKINS]
Fraser, Thomas (31) [carpenter; d. 7/6/1882]. [AJAX]
Fraser, William (41) [ag.; Kaitangata; d. 12/6/1876]; Susan née Hepburn, wife (24) [d. Kaitangata 17/7/1884]; John (17) [Owaka; d. 17/4/1904]. [BLUNDELL]
Frazer, James (40) [ironmonger, ag.; Halfway Bush and Kaitangata; d. 25/11/1888]; Mary Elizabeth née Hepburn, wife (27) [d. Ratanui 1897]; Elizabeth (5) [m. William Renton; Otakia; alive 1905]; Mary Anne (3) [m. William Law Riddell on 27/9/1867; Waipori, Puerua; alive 1925]; James (1) [m. Frances Mayo, ag.; Kaitangata, Feilding; d. 1919]. [BERNICIA]
French, Francis Edward [ag. sheepfarmer; Oamaru; returned to England and died there]. [AJAX]
Fry, Richard (30) [carpenter, farmer; m. Agnes McLeod (ex Mary); Waikouaiti; d. 9/4/1899]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Fuller, Alfred (21) [ag. North Clutha; Popotunoa]. [AJAX]
Fuller, William (25) [brother of Alfred; returned]. [AJAX]
Fulton, James (18) [ag. runholder, Member House of Representatives; West Taieri; m. Catherine née Valpy (ex Ajax); d. 20/11/1891]. [AJAX]
Fulton, Robert [lost in Lord Raglan, 1863]. [AJAX]
Fyfe, George Gibb (25) [d. Wyndham 15/3/1903]. [not in Hocken's list] [PHOEBE DUNBAR]


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