Selected glossary of Scots language, including words used in the Scotland section of Going Abroad

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afore before
aft often
ain own
amang among
an' and
an aw as well, to
anither another
auld old
aw all
awa away
ay yes
aye always
bairn child
belang belong
ben mountain
bide/byde stay
bodie person
bonnie beautiful
brae hill
braw fine
bricht bright
brither brother
caller fresh
cannie careful
cauf calf
cauld cold
close enclosure, courtyard; entry, alley; accessway to common stair
coo cow
couthie friendly, sympathetic
cuik cook
dinna do not
dochter daughter
doon/doun down
dour sullen
drap/drappie drop
efternuin afternoon
faither father
fash annoy, inconvenience
fash yersel to worry
faut fault
fess fetch, bring
forbye also, as well, too
forenicht early evening
forenoon late morning
fou full
fowk people, family
frae from
fricht fright
fur for
gab talk
gane gone
gang go
geggie travelling theatre
gie give
glaikit foolish
gomeral fool
gowk fool
gret great
guid good
guidman husband
guidwife wife
hae have
hame home
havers nonsense
hied head
ken know
kenspeckle conspicuous
kimmer young girl
kirk church
kye/kyne cows, cattle
lad, laddie boy
lang long
lass, lassie girl
lave leave
loch lake
Losh! Lord!
mair more
maist most
man/mon man, husband
maun must
micht might
mickle small quantity
mind remember
mither mother
monie many
morn morning
muckle big, great, large, much
nae no, not
naethin' nothing
nicht night
nou now
o' of
onie any
oniebodie anyone
oor our
oot out
ower over
ower muckle too much
puir poor
richt right
richt nou/awa immediately
sae so
sassenach English person
stramash uproar, disturbance
suin soon
syne ago, then, since
tae to
tak' take
the day today
the morn/morra tomorrow
the nou just now
thegither together
thrang busy
vennel narrow alley or lane between buildings
verra very
wark work
warld world
watter water, river
waur worse
wean child
wee little, small
wee bit a little
weel well
wheen, a a few
wheesht be quiet, shut up!
wi' with
wumman woman, wife
wynd narrow, winding street
ye you

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