ISBN: 0-9582243-6-6

“Giacon’s best catch and release in 40 years of fly fishing — his fishing knowledge generously shared.” Colin Moore, Editor, ‘New Zealand Wilderness’, great outdoors columnist for ‘North & South’

"...charming, instructive, humorous and delightfully enlightening...a New Zealand fly-fishing classic in the making." Stephen Jaquiery, Otago Daily Times.

A great read! Funny, instructive, often thought provoking. New Zealand’s answer to Zane Grey and Ed Zern.”
Ray Kramer, Alaskan fish biologist and fishing author.

THE MAGIC HOUR is all about fly fishing, with the emphasis on ‘all’. A prolific magazine writer and one of New Zealand's great fisherman raconteurs, John Giacon shares a lifetime’s experience in the sport in one of the most charming and illuminating fishing books of recent years.

The ‘Brotherhood of the Angle’ is alive and well in his book, and readers will chuckle as they join high-jinks and mateship along the highs and lows of a fly fishing journey. At the same time, without trying to be an instruction manual, the book has a wealth of sound advice on gear, techniques, locations and how to fly-fish them – in saltwater as well as freshwater. Safety aspects are discussed, along with conservation, habitat enhancement and the catch and release ethic.

The world of fly fishing has produced any number of great characters. Many appear in this book, some as heroes and villains in the political battles John Giacon and his colleagues fought to educate politicians against meddling with recreational fishing.

Above all, The Magic Hour is a guide to just what makes the sport of fly fishing tick – what makes New Zealand fly fishing the envy of anglers worldwide. There’s something in it for everyone: newcomers, old hands, young , old, male, female.

The Magic Hour is soft-cover, 260 pages including colour illustrations. Available in bookshops, fishing tackle shops and by mail-order from Ngaio Press, it sells for NZ$39.95, plus postage.




JOHN GIACON is one of New Zealand’s fly fishing characters – a passionate enthusiast who has combined a love of fishing and the outdoors with a strong commitment to the broader needs of his sport. In leadership positions within fishing clubs and national angling and wildlife organisations, he has helped run activities, develop policy and wage war on those who would compromise fishing habitat and the rights of recreational anglers.

His numerous articles about freshwater and saltwater fly fishing have enhanced the angling experience for thousands of people, in both New Zealand and overseas. Since 1986 his New Zealand Angling company has trained people in the art of fly casting and fly tying, run fishing tours and promoted fly fishing tournaments. His book, Fly casting with John Giacon, published by Ngaio Press, is now out of print.

John Giacon lives in Auckland and has enjoyed watching his family grow up as mad about fishing as he is.

The sun is going down and the magic hour has arrived: the dead still of dusk. Gleaming water flowing past your waders. Mayflies on the rise. Cast your fly and get a hit: is it the big one?