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ISBN: 0-9582243-1-5

Battlegrounds, recreation and sightseeing in North Africa and the Middle East during World War II, in the diaries and vintage photographs of New Zealand Division gunner Struan MacGibbon

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STRUAN'S WAR is a book edited by John MacGibbon and published by Ngaio Press, Wellington, New Zealand. 160 A4 landscape pages, 168 large finely reproduced photographs, entire 65,000 words of diary entries (kept against orders), detailed map, introductory essay.
ISBN 0-9582243-1-5

STRUAN'S WAR was also a photo exhibition - at the  New Zealand Centre for Photography in Wellington, then at the New Zealand Army Museum, Waiouru.




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“GUNNER STRUAN MACGIBBON was an ordinary Kiwi soldier in North Africa. Except for one considerable talent. He had a sharp eye for a photograph and the skill to produce good negatives that printed well. Some of his shots are brilliant, especially the street scenes in Cairo, Jerusalem, Nazareth and a Jewish settlement near Tel Aviv.

“The narrative explores recreational and informal social aspects of life in the NZ Division that now seem more interesting than official accounts of military operations. His descriptions of Middle East scenes are as sharp and precise as his photographs.”

Les Cleveland, photographer, writer and NZ Division veteran

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Map of North Africa & the Middle East during World War II (134K)

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