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"Winston Churchill taking the salute at NZ Division parade,Tripoli"

4/2/43 Thursday.  The great day of the parade for Mr Churchill. I was roped in as official photographer. Shaved last night because it was too dark at 6.30am to see. All trucks nice and clean. Moved off at 8.30am to area near Castel Benito.
    Try-out during the morning and the real thing at 2pm. The whole Div. lined up across the huge area looked great, with the Greys and Our Div Cav. particularly good with their berets and shiny badges. Presenting of arms etc looked good with the bayonets flashing in the sun. Perfect setting, trees all round and grass. A large Highland pipe band in attendance.
    Mr Churchill arrived at 2.15pm, accompanied by General Montgomery and dozens of other red caps. Fleet of armoured cars too. Mr. Churchill stood up in an open white Humber and was dressed in his Air Force uniform. He gave us (the side-liners) a wave.
    I was not on the parade and just ran around with the camera. I got some good close ones of Mr Churchill in his car and on the dais. Had a grand view of the march-past from an armoured car just behind the dais.
    Who should I run into but Bill Carswell, fit and well. Also met, in the units, Mick Wilson from Mataura and many other chaps I knew. There was a march-past of vehicles too and the tanks made a noisy and impressive show. Goodness knows who all the bigwigs were, but there were plenty.


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