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"Christmas 1941 in No. 1 NZ General Hospital, Helwan"

25/12/41 Thursday. Just had a great giving out of parcels to soldiers, Doctors and Sisters. An orderly dressed up as Father Xmas and made a good job of it. He was dressed up in the Sisters’ red robes with cotton wool for decoration. My parcel came from Stratford, packed by a Mrs Lamplough. Tinned fruit, coffee, cake, razor blades and odds and ends. Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Am I full, and was it good? Our Xmas dinner I mean. We had tomato soup, roast turkey, fresh green peas, new and roasted potatoes. jelly and Spanish cream. A most delightful feed and did I do it justice! We had a small bottle of beer each, gave us an appetite for dinner. The main dining room looked great, with its long tables and bottles etc. The Sisters looked after us wonderfully, and no doubt we will all get castor oil to offset the gorge.

[Struan MacGibbon was fortunate to be in the recovery phase of the bout of dysentery which had put him into hospital.]


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