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Links to other web pages about North Africa and the Middle East during World War II:
Roger Smith's book, 'Up the Blue'
Bearded Brigands (LRDG)
Barce Raid (LRDG)
Khaki Angels
Official History of NZ in the Second World War
NZ History Online's military links
The Desert War - NZ photos
Kiwis in Maadi Camp: excellent 1996 article by Egyptian journalist Samir Raafat
Sid's War - El Alamein to Cassino
WWII warlinks
The World War II Study - North Africa
World War II North Africa Campaign
Desert War, 1940-1943
El-Alamein 1942: sands of death and valour
Deutsches Afrikakorps [The German point of view]
An American with Brits, Kiwis and French in North Africa and Italy during World War II

Excellent website devoted to Kiwi artillery forces, past and present:
NZ Permanent Force Old Comrades Association

David Lippman's World War II chronicles contain a lot of information about the NZ Division in North Africa:
World War II Plus 55

Nga Toa oral history interviews with NZ World War II veterans by Patrick Bronte. Not just North Africa.
Nga Toa

Military reunion site for all forces for the UK, New Zealand and Australia
Comrades and Colleagues Com


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