"At long last, the wool industry's part in New Zealand's development has been recognised, in a first-class book." (Graeme Hunt, National Business Review)

"Fantastic read" (Tom Fraser, TV One News)

"The authors have taken a wide blow in seeking to uncover what is really a social history of rural New Zealand and they are not just mere recorders of fact. The book's most impressive attribute is the refusal of the authors to gloss over 'unpleasantness' and 'absurdities'. (Peter Owens, Rural News)

"All those involved in the industry, from farmers to politicians, should have a copy as a reminder of the importance of wool to the country's economic well-being. Something both authors should be extremely proud of. (John Cutt, Southland Times)

"A captivating 368 page journey of how sheep and wool shaped our history and industry, and there is much ground to cover. We learn the reasons we have world-class shearers, discover why a set of 'clip preparation standard' posters was banned, how wool research developed, learn of our wool marketing triumphs and bloopers, the glitz and glamour, personalities and pirates, and the inevitable politics behind such an important industry - all in a conversational, entertaining and totally non-stuffy style. One forgets that it is essentially a history book, as it's so easy to get lost in the pure enjoyment of it all." (Michelle Caldwell, Black & Coloured Sheep Breeders Association of NZ Magazine)


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Wellington, New Zealand
November 200