Passenger arrivals at Port Chalmers,
New Zealand, 1848 -1851

(Expanded and corrected from Dr Hocken's 1898 lists)


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1. This list includes corrections and additions provided by Eleanor Leckie and the Otago Settlers' Museum.

2. All ship lists are also being updated as a result of additional research plus information supplied by families of passengers and crew.

3. Dates are  in dd/mm/yyyy format.

4. Names underlined and coloured red are family members who travelled on the ship.


AJAX, 767 tons, sailed from London, 8/9/1848; arrived at Otago on 8/1/1849. Captain John Young; Dr Robert Stewart, surgeon, who remaned two years in the settlement, then returned to India. The Ajax was wrecked at Anjer on her voyage from Manila to London, 12/3/1850.

Anderson, John (25) [gardener; Caversham; m. Maria née Calder; d. 23/6/1893].
Bond, Richard (26) [went to Wellington]; Margaret, wife (25).
Brown, James Elder (25) [ag.; Tokomairiro; J.P.; d. 16/1/1900].
Brown, Janet (35) [m. Alexander McNeill (ex Mooltan); Clutha; 1893 or 1898].
Brown, Jane (26) [m. William Mattheson, blacksmith; Tokomairiro]; d. 29/4/1900.
Buswell, William H (28) [ag.; North Clutha]; Mary, wife (25) [Some doubt over these two people's relationship.]
Campbell, Peter Gardner (34) [basketmaker, ag.; Taieri Mouth; d. 23/8/1881]; Jane née Fraser, wife (34) [d. 29/5/1860]; Peter (15) [d. 1878]; John (13) [Australia]; Anne (11) [m. Antonio Joseph, boatman; Taieri Mouth, 1851; d. 5/1/1903]; Jane Anne (5) [d. 2/1921]; Archibald (2) [ag.; Taieri Mouth; d/ 25/2/1914].
Campbell, Robert (31) [ag.; Kaihiku, St Clair; d. 18/11/1904]; Christina née McArthur, wife (28) [d. 30/5/1889].
Chalmers, Gerit Alexander (22) [ag. runholder; Moa Flat; m. Ellinor F née Fitzgerald of Melbourne].
Chalmers, Nathaniel (18) [ag.; Fiji; sugar planter; d. Suva 2/12/1910].
Christie, Ellen Miss (21).
Culling, Thomas [m. Margaret Torrance (ex Mooltan) [d. 23/3/1901] (Not in Hocken list)
Dodd, Thomas (22) [Canterbury].
Filleul, William Gabriel [ag., R.M. clerk; Oamaru; d. Nelson 4/8/1902].
Filleul, Richard (14) [lost in Lord Raglan, 1863, unm.].
Forbes, John (18) [returned to Ireland and soon died].
Fraser, Thomas (31) [carpenter; d. 7/6/1882].
French, Francis Edward [ag. sheepfarmer; Oamaru; returned to England and died there].
Fuller, William (25) [brother of Alfred; returned].
Fuller, Alfred (21) [ag. North Clutha; Popotunoa].
Fulton, James (18) [ag. runholder, Member House of Representatives; West Taieri; m. Catherine née Valpy (ex Ajax); d. 20/11/1891].
Fulton, Robert [lost in Lord Raglan, 1863].
Gallie, John (32 or 42) [blacksmith; d. ca6/8/1878]; Lydia née Rose, wife (20) [d. Wellington 20/9/1900; Catherine (4 mths)
[on embarkation list - not traced in Otago].
Goodall, John (32) [bullock driver; Caversham; d. 25/3/1875];
Rebeka née Cole (31) [d. 23/12/1883]; Charles James (10; Caversham; alive 1898]; William (8) [Maheno in 1898]; Amelia Ann (6) [Oamaru]; Edwin Timothy (3) [Oamaru]; Walter John (2) [Oamaru; d. 3/10/1919]; Helen Ann Maria (infant).
Grant, Isabella (23) [m. James Henry; d. 22/9/1909].
Hay, George (30) [saddler, ag.; Inch Clutha; Romahapa; d. 14/8/1876]; Jane née Grant, wife (34) [d. 31/12/1898]; William (9) [ag.; Romahapa; d. 7/9/1914]; Jessie Margaret (7) [m. Captain Archibald Bell; Perth, West Australia]; Jane (5) [m. Henry F Begg]; George (2) [ag.; Glenomaru; d. Timaru 1932]; John (inf.) [surveyor, Dunedin; d. 1/8/1907].
Jeffreys, Mary Miss (16) [niece of W H Valpy Sr; returned].
Leveridge, Aaron (24) [mason; Nelson]; Mrs Leveridge (21).
Leveridge, Samuel (22) [mason; Sydney]; Mrs Leveridge (20] [Sydney].
Leveridge, Sophia (46) [Sydney]; Sophia (20) [Sydney]; Emma (15) [Sydney]; (boy) (13) [Sydney].
[The Otago Settlers Museum database calls the Leveridges 'Loveridge' and notes that they all went 'soon' to Sydney.]
Levi, Lewis Longuet [ag.; Purakanui; Invercargill]; Mrs Levi; Emilia (9) [m. - O'Toole; Invercargill]; Lydia (7) [m. - Mason; Outram]; Lewis (5) [miner; Preservation Inlet]; Walter.
[N.B. This is Dr Hocken's entry. The following Levy and Longuet entries are from the Otago Settlers Museum database - there is a need to reconcile the two versions - where does the Levi (or Levy surname come from, for Lydia? Is Levy a red herring and should Lydia's surname be Longuet? It also seems unlikely that mother/daughter Amelia/Emilia would have different name spellings.]
Levy, Lydia Longuet (3) [m. Ang 14/6/1877 William Henry Mason; d. 11/1927].
Longuet, Lewis (32) [d. Invercargill 13/8/1894]; Amelia née Gregory, wife (25) [d. Invercargill 7/1914]; Emilia (5) [m. Christopher F deS O'Toole; d. Invercargill 12/1925]; Lewis Alfred (2) [unm. - alive 1898]; Walter Thomas (9 months) [m. Clar. née Gilligan 29/1/1874].
Lothian, James (28) [gardener; Andersons Bay; d. 22/10/1888]; Alexia née MacDonald, wife (22). [no children; d. 1/4/1904].
McHardy, James [solicitor; went to Nelson]; Mrs McHardy; Miss McHardy; James; William; Charlotte; Jane; Adolphus; Lanchlan.
[The McHardys are not in the Otago Settlers Museum database, presumably because they didn't settle in Otago for any length of time.]
McNeil, Andrew (20) [m. Margaret Lindsay (ex Lady Nugent); to Napier].
McNicol, Donald (35) [ag.; Goodwood; d. Palmerston 6/8/1910]; Mary née Barr, wife (30) [d. Palmerston 5/7/1899]; Donald (11) [sailor; drowned near Vancouver in 1875]; Mary (2) [m. Thomas B Kennard, Waimate; d. 20/5/1932].
McPhee, Angus (34) [shepherd; drowned in the Taieri, 9/5/1849]; Ann née Fraser, wife (32) [later married John Holt; d. 14/11/1888]; Alexander (8) [seaman; d. 12/1/1861]; Hugh (6) [shepherd; Tapanui; d. 29/10/1909]; Catherine (4); Margaret (2); Charles (5 months).
Milstead, Joseph (29) [joiner; Rattray Street; Wellington; d. 1884]; Susannah née Garn, wife (28) [d. 3/1898]; Susannah Hinton (3) [d. 8/1917]; Ermina (infant) [alive 1898].
Norris, Sarah (28) [servant, m. Samuel Gibbs (ex Victory), baker, mayor of Oamaru].
Parry or Perry, Thomas (32) [engineer; Sawyers Bay; d. 18/6/1876]; Mary née ?, wife (30) [ d. 25/8/1882].
[The Otago Settlers Museum database spells them Perry. Mrs Parry may have arrived on the Blundell.]
Ramage, John [sailor].
Redpath, Thomas [ag.; Inch Clutha, Otanomomo].
Shepherd, John (30) [constable, ag.; Inch Clutha;d. 11/5/1866]; Elizabeth née Duncan, wife (35) [d. 11/1/1888].
Stewart, Robert [surgeon of Ajax; Dunedin, India].
Stewart, Duncan (32) [shepherd; ag.; North Taieri; d. 21/6/1870]; Ann née Stewart, wife (28) [9/8/1909].
Strain, William (42) [ag. Tokomairiro; d. 29/4/1881]; Bessy Ann née Moore, wife (39) [d. 27/11/1891]; James (16) [m. Eliz Marshall née Duff (ex Philip Laing), Tokomairiro; alive 1898]; John (13) [Tokomairiro; d. 16/5/1881]; William (10) [Tokomairiro; d. 29/5/1898]; Margaret (9) [m. John Finch Jr (ex John Wickliffe), Tokomairiro; d. 6/1886]; Sarah Ann (5) [unm. Tokomairiro; d. 29/11/1918]; David (3) [d. 24/6/1928]; Samuel (9 months)
[on embarkation list - not traced in Otago].
Styles, John [sawyer; Blanket Bay; m. Rachel née Bentley (ex Phoebe Dunbar); d. 27/4/1896].
Sutcliffe, Henry [carpenter, ag.; Sawyers Bay; d. 19/1/1902]; Mary née Lawton, wife (23) [no children; d. 10/8/1909].
Sutcliffe, Richard [left for Canterbury; (first wife Nancy née Tomlinson, died in 1836) d. 18/5/1862]; Caroline née Cox, (2nd) wife (28); Jane (19) [East Taieri; d. 25/7/1923]; Emma (17) [Sydney]; Richard (16) [went to Christchurch]; Henrietta (15) [East Taieri; d. 4/6/1907]; James (infant) [went to Christchurch].
Thompson, William (24) [carter; West Taieri].
Valpy, William Henry (56) [land proprietor; Forbury; d. 25/9/1852]; Caroline née Jeffreys, wife (45) [d. 30/10/1884]; William Henry (14) [runholder; m. Penelope Every; Horseshoe Bush, Lake Wakatipu; d. Oamaru 1/1/1911]]; Ellen Penelope (22) [m. Henry Jeffreys; Victoria; d. 8/9/1904];
Arabella Jeffreys (19); never married [d 18/1/1910]; Catherine Henrietta Elliot (17) [m. James Fulton (ex Ajax), Member House of Representatives; East Taieri; Catherine d. 5/5/1919]; Juliet Anna Owen (12) [d. 9/4/1911].
Walker, Mary (35).
Wellman, John (30) [m. Ann née Sinclair (ex Phoebe Dunbar)]
[Not in Hocken's list]
White, William (35) [bootmaker, ag.; Tapanui; d. 30/4/1896]; Agnes née Wyllie, wife (28) [d. 22/12/1905]; James (7) [d. 3/10/1881]; Agnes Riddell (5) [m. John Mackie, ag. Tapanui; d. 11/5/1927]; Robert (2) [shepherd; Tapanui; never married; d. 6/7/1934]; Alexander Wyllie (born on ship) [d. 1899].
Wilmore, John [ag.; Taieri Ferry]; Mrs Wilmore
[The Wilmores are not in the Otago Settlers' Museum database]
Woolley, Samuel [ag., innkeeper; Waikouaiti; d. 21/7/1890]; Maria née DeLacy, wife (30) [d. 13/10/1886]; Samuel (11) [unm. d. 4/5/1909]; Clarissa (8) [m. Charles Richard Nelmes; Waikouaiti; d. 9/1935]; Eliza (6) [m. Thomas Alcock, Waikouaiti; d. 13/2/1922]; Maria (3) [d. Hampden 13/11/1928]; Sarah Lucy (2 months) [m. Charles Haynes; d. 16/10/1928].

Please don't ask us about Port Chalmers passenger arrivals later than 1851. Try Australia and New Zealand Passenger Lists. It's not our area of expertise. Also, please don't ask what individual passengers did after they arrived In New Zealand. All we know about them is in these lists.

Contact Dunedin's Hocken Library or the Otago Settlers' Museum. For highly professional advice and research assistance in Dunedin, contact Dr Jennie Coleman at ResearchWriteNZ.


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