Passenger arrivals at Port Chalmers,
New Zealand, 1848-1851

(Expanded and corrected from Dr Hocken's 1898 lists)


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1. This consolidated list includes  enlargements and corrections from the Otago Settlers' Museum list, plus other corrections and additions I have received directly from ship descendants.
(More corrections are welcomed!)

2. People in this list are generally those who landed 'live' in Dunedin, and do not include deaths which occurred during the voyage. An exception to this is the Mooltan information, which does include those who died on board the ship (marked +), and also passengers who sailed on to Wellington (marked *).

3. Dates are  in dd/mm/yyyy format.

4. Names underlined and coloured red are family members who travelled on the ship

Please don't ask us about Port Chalmers passenger arrivals later than 1851. Try Australia and New Zealand Passenger Lists. It's not our area of expertise. Also, please don't ask what individual passengers did after they arrived In New Zealand. All we know about them is in these lists.


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Gallie, John (32 or 42) [blacksmith; d. ca6/8/1878]; Lydia née Rose, wife (20) [d. Wellington 20/9/1900; Catherine (4 mths) [on embarkation list - not traced in Otago]. [AJAX]
Garrick, David, solicitor [Sydney 1852]; Mary, wife; Caroline (8); David (6); Jessie (4); William Henry [auctioneer; Anderson's Bay]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Garvie, Alexander (28) [carpenter, surveyor; d. 24/7/1861]; Susan née Brown, wife (23) [returned, d. Greenwich, 31/8/1864]; Janet (2 months) [returned with mother]. [BLUNDELL]
Gebbie, Alexander (46) [agriculturalist, teacher; East Taieri; ag. Saddle Hill; d. ], Isabella née Sayers, wife (38) [d. East Taieri, 15/6/1855]; 2nd marriage of Alexander Gebbie to Janet née Peterson, 1854; 3rd marriage to Jessie née Peterson, 28/2/1856. [MOOLTAN]
Gebbie, James (32) [gardener; North East Valley; St David St.; d. 17/9/1900]; Margaret née Boyd, wife (33) [d. 1997]; James (3) [gardener; m. Jemima née McLennan, 14/1/1873; d. 25/11/1933]; Jeannie+ (1), John (three months) [drowned Greymouth, 1903]. [MOOLTAN]
Gibb, George (23). [Not in Otago Settlers' Museum list] [PHOEBE DUNBAR]
Gibbs, Samuel (30) [m. Sarah Norris (ex Ajax); d. Oamaru 1885]. [VICTORY]
Gibson, Charles (16). [Port Cooper and India by 1852] [BLUNDELL]
Gibson, John Scott, (30) [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Gibson, William (38) [ag.; North Taieri; d. 9/6/1889]; (Susanna née Hastings, wife (35) [d. 29/3/1886]; James (16) [grocer, produce merchant; d. Christchurch 2/3/1898]; Elizabeth (14) [m. Robt Pearson (ex Cornwall); alive 1898]; Robert (12) [carpenter. ag.; East Taieri; d. 26/3/1918]; Isabella (9) [returned]; Susanna (6). [BLUNDELL]
Gicidici, Salvatore (34) [BLUNDELL]
Gilchrist, Isabella (34) [widow; dressmaker; m. R Miller, Invercargill]. [MOOLTAN]
Gilfillan, James (20) [carpenter, ag.; Warepa; d. 18/7/1895]; Margaret née Lewis, wife (23) [d. 24/10/1899]; John (15 months) [ag.; Warepa; buried Invercargill, 9/11/1924]. [BLUNDELL]
Gillies, Robert [weaver, ag.; Little Paisley; d. 29/3/1854]; Margaret née Gardiner, wife [2nd marriage to David Wilson (ex Lady Nugent); d. 8/9/1903]; Robert (8) [d. Palmerston North, 5/12/1891]; John (6) [d. Perth, 27/9/1926]; Mary (4) [d. 22/8/1909]; Margaret (1) [d. 21/9/1916]. [PHILIP LAING]
Glen, Thomas (40) [printer; d. 1877]; Elizabeth, née Rodger, wife (26) [d. 22/1/1885]; Isabella (15) [d. 6/6/1910]; James (13) [printer; d. 1909]; Elizabeth (4) [unm. d. 4/7/1920]; Alison (2) [m. Alfred Watts; d. 29/5/1922]; Margaret (9 months) [d. 11/7/1885]. [BLUNDELL]
Goodall, John (32) [bullock driver; Caversham; d. 25/3/1875]; Rebeka née Cole (31) [d. 23/12/1883]; Charles James (10; Caversham; alive 1898]; William (8) [Maheno in 1898]; Amelia Ann (6) [Oamaru]; Edwin Timothy (3) [Oamaru]; Walter John (2) [Oamaru; d. 3/10/1919]; Helen Ann Maria (infant). [AJAX]
Graham, David (15). [CORNWALL]
Graham, Elizabeth [servant]. [PHILIP LAING]
Graham, Henry Baker (42) [printer, proprietor, Otago News; Halfway Bush].; d. 28/2/1851]; Jane née ?, wife (34) [returned]; infant daughter [returned]. [BLUNDELL]
Graham, Mary Anne (20) [sister to Henry Baker Graham; m. Charles Webb, clerk to Captain Cargill (ex John Wickliffe); Wellington]. [BLUNDELL]
Grainger, Thomas (29) [weaver, ag.; Andersons Bay; d. 9/8/1878]; Margaret née Murie (25) [d. 26/11/1888]. [LARKINS]
Grant, Alexander* (28) [shepherd]. [MOOLTAN]
Grant, Isabella (23) [m. James Henry; d. 22/9/1909]. [AJAX]
Grey, John George (25) [ag.; m. Isabella Rodger (ex Blundell); South Waihola; d. 26/2/1890]. [BERNICIA]
Grey, William (65) [farmer; Waihola Jetty; d. 1855], Elizabeth née Archbold, wife (45) [d. 23/7/1882]; William (24) [ag., constable; m. Jane Brotherston (ex Larkins); Waihola; Roslyn; d. 11/4/1892]; George (22) [ag.; Waihola; m. Elizabeth Petchell; d. 15/2/1887]; Edward Henry (18) [ag., innkeeper; Tokomairiro]; James (16) [ag.; m. Florence née Peterson (ex Mooltan); Mornington; d. 19/4/1888]; Charles (4); Mary (10) [m. George Petchell; Inch Clutha]; Eliza Patience (10) [m. - Davidson; Tokomairiro]. [LARKINS]
Gunn, Angus (33) [shoemaker; d. 25/4/1858]; Magdalene née MacDougal, wife (28) [d. 28/2/1859]. [BLUNDELL]


Hall, Margaret Dundas Oswald spinster (23) [m. Daniel Macandrew (ex Titan), 3/6/1851; went to Aberdeen]. [MOOLTAN]
Halliday, James (22) [joiner]. [CORNWALL]
Hare [or Hair], James (25) [bricklayer; Maitland St; d. 27/12/1876]; Margaret née Spiers, wife (21) [d. 15/1/1876]; Ann (3) [d. 11/1927]; Emma G Carnegie. [PHILIP LAING]
Harris, John Hyde (27) [solicitor; Member Provincial Council; m. Annie Cunningham Cargill (ex John Wickliffe); d. 24/7/1886]. [POICTIERS]
Harrison, Peter+ (45) [gentleman]; Martha+, wife (25); Hannah (8) [m. Joseph Martin, bootmaker], Joseph (5); Edward (4); William (2); Clorinda+ (6 months). [MOOLTAN]
Harrison, Thomas (32) [weaver, ag.; East Taieri; d. 23/7/1883]; Janet née Stark, wife (33) [d. 12/5/1886]; Christina (10 [m. R M McDowall (ex Mooltan - deserter-seaman who became a teacher); d. 29/4/1909]; Margaret (9) [m. Henry Swallow; Otepopo; d. 3/9/1919]; Ann (6) [m. Robert Blair [also on the Blundell; Taieri]; Mary (3) [M. James Parlane; East Taieri; d. 12/6/1929]; Jean (1) [m. Robert Law [ex Blundell; East Taieri; d. 24/8/1931]; Helen Philomena (born ship) [d. 13/10/1895]. [BLUNDELL]
Harrold, James (31) [boatman; Taieri Ferry; Stewart Island; d. 18/5/1898]; Agnes née Grieve, wife (17) [d. 1903] [BERNICIA]
Harrold, Sinclair (29) [boatman, ag.; North East Valley; Taieri Ferry; d. ca 1900]; Barbara née Sinclair, wife (34) [no children] [BERNICIA]
Hastie, Robert (35) [carter; Waikouaiti; d. 31/1/1921]; Janet née Dunn, wife(33) [d. 17/1/1886]. [PHILIP LAING]
Hastie, Thomas (16) [ag.; nephew of Robert Hastie]. [PHILIP LAING]
Hay, George (30) [saddler, ag.; Inch Clutha; Romahapa; d. 14/8/1876]; Jane née Grant, wife (34) [d. 31/12/1898]; William (9) [ag.; Romahapa; d. 7/9/1914]; Jessie Margaret (7) [m. Captain Archibald Bell; Perth, West Australia]; Jane (5) [m. Henry F Begg]; George (2) [ag.; Glenomaru; d. Timaru 1932]; John (inf.) [surveyor, Dunedin; d. 1/8/1907]. [AJAX]
Healey, John (29) [baker, ag.; m. Catherine née Monro (ex Mariner 1) Dunedin; d. 4/11/1879]. [MARINER 1]
Heenan, Denis (20) [ag.; West Taieri; m. Maria Phillips; d. 20/10/1904]. [MARY]
Heenan, Dennis (60) [ag.; North East Valley; d. 4/7/1878]; Johanna née Lewis, wife (42) [d. 19/7/1890]; William (22) [d. 17/9/1892]; Joanna Lewis (19) [d.22/6/1899]; Ann (17) [m. John W Flanagan- 2nd., Jean Aristides Dallas; d. 17/8/1923]; Daniel (15) [ag.; unm. Maungatua; d. 9/12/1898]; John (13) [Maungatua; d. 30/8/1919]; Mary Emma (11) [Maungatua]; Edward (9) [Maungatua; d. 6/6/1920]; James (7) [Maungatua; d. 14/12/1861]; Winifred (5) [unm. Maungatua; d. 17/6/1902]; Michael (3) [Maungatua; d. 31/7/1921]; Jane Wren (1) [Maungatua; d. 28/4/1902]. [MARINER 2]
Henderson, James (23) [m. Jane née McKenzie (ex Mariner second voyage); d. 2/5/1888]. [MARINER 2]
Hepburn, George (47) [storekeeper, ag.; Halfway Bush; d. 9/12/1883]; Rachel née Paterson, wife (45) [d. 15/8/1875]; William (15) [auctioneer; Halfway Bush; m. Mrs Margaret Ross née Marshall (ex Cornwall); d. 29/9/1887]; James Paterson (13) [ag. d. 25/8/1875]; Sarah (12) [m. widower Archibald Barr, postmaster (ex Mariner voyage 1); d. 9/7/1908]; George (11) [d. 2/11/1862]; David (8) [d. 20/12/1870]; Jessie Sinclair (6) [m. Robert A Lawson, architect; d. 29/12/1923]; Rachel (4) [m. Wm D Stewart, solicitor; d. 11/11/1878]; Andrew (2) [clerk; Oamaru; alive in Enfield 1900]. [POICTIERS]
Hertslet, Augustus (27). [MARINER 2]
Hertslet, Henry Charles (29) [gentleman, m. Fanny Orbell (ex Mariner first voyage); d. 12/1901]. [MARINER 2]
Hill, John (30) [cabinetmaker; d. 29/5/1893]; Susan, née Graham, wife (30) [d. 10/11/1856]; Susan (7) [m. Peter Lindsay (ex Mariner voyage 1); d. Auckland4/5/1919]; Janet (4) [unm. d. 13/10/1909]; Mary (2 months) [m. John Douglas; d. Auckland, 31/1/1895]. [BLUNDELL]
Hogg, James (19) [engineer; went to Singapore]. [MARINER 1]
Hogg, John (17) [farmer; gone in whaler]; Mrs Hogg. [MARINER 1]
Holcroft, Lewis (28) [clerk, Supreme Court]. [MARY]
Honorè, Abraham (29) [teacher and missionary; Ruapuke and Foxton; d. 23/7/1894]. [BLUNDELL]
Howden, David (36) [ag., Valpy's manager; Green Island Bush; d. 12/9/1873]; Alice Fortune née Chalmers, wife (28) [d. 19/1/1896]; John (born on ship) [d. 4/10/1926]. [BERNICIA]
Howie, Thomas (26) [ag.; Waikari; Waikouaiti]. [LARKINS]
Howison, Thomas (29) [labourer]; Marianne, wife (24); James (5); Alexander (infant). [MARINER 2]
Howorth, Thomas (22) [ag.; Green island; m. Barbara Runciman; d. 12/9/1898]. [POICTIERS]
Humphrey, John [sailor] [PHILIP LAING]
Humphreys, W (15). [POICTIERS]
Hurry, Edward (27) [butcher]; Charlotte née Andrews, wife (29). [CORNWALL]
Hutcheson, David [d. 15/3/1882]; Ann née ?, wife [d. 30/9/1849]. [LARKINS]
Hutchison, John (21) [farmer]. [CORNWALL]


Jaffray, William (25) [shepherd, farmer; Saddle Hill; d. 7/3/1916]; Margaret née Hunter, wife (19) married on ship, 2/2/1848; d. 1/5/1905]. [PHILIP LAING]
Jeffreys, Julius [landowner; d. Auckland pre 1898]; Emily née ?, wife [d. 7/4/1909]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Jeffreys, Mary Miss (16) [niece of W H Valpy Sr; returned]. [AJAX]
Jenkinson, Hartly John (28) [clerk, ag.; Molyneux; m. Jane Matthews (ex Lady Nugent); d. 14/3/1895]. [BLUNDELL]
Johnstone, Isabella (17) [m. Thomas Brookes (ag., town clerk; Milton); d. 24/12/1917. [PEKIN]
Johnstone, John (32) [ag.; Port Chalmers; d. 1850]; Elizabeth née Lamb, wife (27); John (10) [ag.; Clutha; buried Karori Cemetery; d. 7/4/1933]. [BLUNDELL]
Johnstone, John Robert (21) [merchant, m. Marion Cargill (ex John Wickliffe); d. Edinburgh pre 1897]. [CORNWALL]


Kelloch, James (38) [butcher]; Jemima née Craig, wife (37). [PHILIP LAING]
Kennedy, James (19) [engraver, left for Wellington in 1848]. [PHILIP LAING]
Kerr, Hugh (21). [MARINER 1]
Kerr, William (25) [labourer; to9 Invercargill]; Janet née Martin, wife (30) [Invercargill; d. 20/4/1877]; William Laing (3) [d. 20/5/1928]; Margaret (1) [MARINER 1]
Kirkland, John (34) [ploughman; East Taieri; d. Gisborne, 15/6/1900]; Margaret+née Arnott, wife (26); William (1) [d. 21/2/1919]; Agnes+ (5 months). [MOOLTAN]


Laing, David (19) [ag.; Andersons Bay]. [CORNWALL]
Laing, Francis Gregory (15) [m. Wilhemina née Peterson (ex Mooltan); d. 8/1/1900]. [CORNWALL]
Laing, William Melville (17) [d. 21/8/1860]. [CORNWALL]
Lakeman, Archibald (15). [BERNICIA]
Lakeman, Howard (16) [brother of Archibald]. [BERNICIA]
Langlands, Lachlan (18) [Customs and PO clerk; d. 19/10/1911]; [VICTORY]
Langlands, William (35) [carpenter, architect; d. 27/10/1889]; Ann née Seggie, wife (32) [d. 5/7/1894]; Alison (13) [m. James Scott (ex Titan), carpenter and ag.; Tokomairiro; d. 25/6/1904]. [EDEN]
Laurie, John (24) [farmer; NSW]. [CORNWALL]
Law, John (41) [carrier, ag.; East Taieri; d. 30/12/1884]; Agnes née Sommerville, wife (40) 9d. 2/5/1875]; Janet (11) [m. Robert Christie; Romahapa; d. 14/2/1908]; Helen (9) [m. Alexander Blair, farmer; East Taieri]; Graham Barbara (7) [m. Alexander Callender (ex Philip Laing, farmer; Scrogg's Hill); d. 23/2/1924]; Robert (3) [farmer, East Taieri; m Jean Harrison (also on the Blundell); d. 1/11/1907]; Agnes (1) [m. Frances Marshall McCulloch (ag.; West Taieri); d. 30/7/1908]. [BLUNDELL]
Leader, Mary (19) [servant]. [KELSO]
Lee, Andrew (18). [LADY NUGENT]
Leith, Alexander (32) [d. 18/7/1863]; Margery née Clark, wife (32) [d. 23/7/1909]; William (3) [d. 22/10/1924]. [MARY]
Lemon, John (20) [carpenter, telegraphist; Wellington; d. pre 1898]. [MARY]
Leveridge, Aaron (24) [mason; Nelson]; Mrs Leveridge (21). [AJAX]
Leveridge, Samuel (22) [mason; Sydney]; Mrs Leveridge (20] [Sydney]. [AJAX]
Leveridge, Sophia (46) [Sydney]; Sophia (20) [Sydney]; Emma (15) [Sydney]; (boy) (13) [Sydney]. [The Otago Settlers Museum database calls the Leveridges 'Loveridge' and notes that they all went 'soon' to Sydney.] [AJAX]
Levi, Lewis Longuet [ag.; Purakanui; Invercargill]; Mrs Levi; Emilia (9) [m. - O'Toole; Invercargill]; Lydia (7) [m. - Mason; Outram]; Lewis (5) [miner; Preservation Inlet]; Walter. [N.B. This is Dr Hocken's entry. The following Levy and Longuet entries are from the Otago Settlers Museum database - there is a need to reconcile the two versions - where does the Levi (or Levy surname come from, for Lydia? Is Levy a red herring and should Lydia's surname be Longuet? It also seems unlikely that mother/daughter Amelia/Emilia would have different name spellings.] [AJAX]
Levy, Lydia Longuet (3) [m. Ang 14/6/1877 William Henry Mason; d. 11/1927]. [AJAX]
Lewis, George (28) [lost on Flagstaff Hill, c. 19/10/1850]; Harriet Keddie née Jennings, wife (21) [m. 2nd, George Lewis Fleury]. [MARY]
Lindsay, Margaret (23) [m. Andrew McNeil (ex Ajax); Clutha and possibly Napier]. [LADY NUGENT]
Lindsay, Peter (50) [ag.; North East Valley; d. 3/6/1866]; Agnes née Hill, wife (44) [d. 27/2/1870]; Peter (11) [ag.; m. Susan née Hill (ex Blundell); d. 13/10/1865]; John (9) [ag.; unm. North East Valley; d. 8/10/1970]; Isabella (4) [d. 18/11/1872]. [MARINER 1]
Livingston, Alexander (21) [carpenter; d. 8/5/1848]; Rebecca née Wilson, wife (22). [PHILIP LAING]
Livingstone, Alexander (29) [shepherd, ag.; Taieri Mouth; d. 22/12/1859]; Catherine née Cameron, wife (24) [d. 9/12/1867]. [CORNWALL]
Lloyd, George [J.P., ag.; Green Island]; Elizabeth Anne née ?, wife; Mrs Lloyd; Ellen (5); Joseph (3); Penelope (1) [m. William Haskayne Jones and returned to England]. [MARY]
Longuet, Lewis (32) [d. Invercargill 13/8/1894]; Amelia née Gregory, wife (25) [d. Invercargill 7/1914]; Emilia (5) [m. Christopher F deS O'Toole; d. Invercargill 12/1925]; Lewis Alfred (2) [unm. - alive 1898]; Walter Thomas (9 months) [m. Clar. née Gilligan 29/1/1874]. [AJAX]
Lorimer, Ann (49) [unm. sister of Mrs George Crawford. d.] [PHILIP LAING]
Lothian, James (28) [gardener; Andersons Bay; d. 22/10/1888]; Alexia née MacDonald, wife (22). [no children; d. 1/4/1904]. [AJAX]
Loudon, David (24) [ farmer; Tokomairiro; m. Margaret McNeil (ex Mooltan); d. (or buried) 9/12/1880]. [BERNICIA]
Lovell, Napoleon (28); Emily née ?, wife (28); and niece. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Low, - (30) [to wellington in 1851); Sarah née ?, wife (32) [Wellington]; Willie (9). [LARKINS]
Lumsden, Andrew (26) [blacksmith; Wellington]; Jane née Gibb wife (30). [MOOLTAN]


Macadam, Janet Graham Caroline (39) [spinster, sister of Mrs Jane Todd; d. Anderson’s Bay in November 1876]. [MOOLTAN]
Macandrew, Daniel (27) [architect; m. Margaret DO Hall (ex Mooltan); returned to Aberdeen; d. 26/3/1899]. [TITAN]
Macandrew, James (31) [merchant, Member Provincial Council, Member House of Representatives; Macandrew Bay; d. 24/2/1887]; Eliza Hunter née Reynolds, wife (24) [daughter of Thomas and Marion Reynolds) d. 1/3/1875]; Colin (1) [Secretary, Education Commissioners; d. 16/3/1928]. [TITAN]
Macdonald, Archibald (31) [teacher; d. 15/2/1880]; Janet née McGregor, wife (27) [d. 12/1902]; Christina Murray (7) [alive in 1898]; Charles Paterson (4) [d. 7/3/1917]; John (1) [m. 1871]. [PHILIP LAING]
MacIntosh, John (33) [ploughman; Fortrose]; Isabella née Watson, wife (25); Alexander (4); Hugh (5 months). [MARINER 1]
Mackay, Thomas (33) [an old Vandemonian; soon left; d. Napier 6/1/1912]; Margaret née Dorreen, wife (32) [d. 2/2/1871]; William (9) [d. Pukekohe, 31/7/1926]; Thomas (7) [d. 11/5/1937]; Alexander Churton [d. 1916]. [PHILIP LAING]
MacLaren, Peter (23) [mason; Green Island; D. 26/9/1889]; Jessie née McGregor, wife (22) [d. 10/6/1909]. [MARINER 1]
Mahon, Alexander (42) [ag. Halfway Bush; d. 7/4/1875]; Catherine née Gillespie, wife (42) [d. 10/2/1885]; Catherine (15) [m. James Cunningham (ex Philip Laing); Kaikorai; d. 3/6/1915]; Robert (13) [ag. Halfway Bush; d. 21/7/1895]. [PHILIP LAING]
Mann, John (13). [MARINER 1]
Manning, Henry Dr [doctor; m. Elizabeth Stokes (ex John Wickliffe); d. 3/12/1884]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Mansford, William Henning (27) [ag.; Coombe Hay; Registrar, Otago University; d. 22/5/1890]; Caroline née Watt, wife (26) [d. 22/3/1906] [VICTORY]
Marshall, Francis (38) [weaver; Halfway Bush; d. 26/2/1887]; Margaret née Crawford, wife (38) [d. 15/4/1899]; Matthew (15) [ag.; m. Julia Brodie née Bower (ex Larkins); Halfway Bush; Hillend; alive in 1907]; Margaret (13) [m. Henry McLean, ex Philip Laing,; 2nd marriage to Robert Frew, 21/5/1858]; Agnes (9); d. 10/5/1899]; Francis (7) [d. 8/1/1911; Alexander (5) [d. 24/5/1906; Jean (2) [alive 1915]. [PHILIP LAING]
Marshall, James (39) [currier, Jones's storekeeper; Halfway Bush; d. 2/8/1873]; Margaret née Dunbar, wife (38) [d. 23/5/1861]; James (11) [grocer; Roslin (sic) (not in Otago Settlers Museum list)]; Margaret (9) [m. George Ross (ex Philip Laing); 2nd, W Hepburn (ex Poictiers); Halfway Bush; d. 24/8/1901]; Lewis Hay Irving (3) [d. 2/6/1921]. [CORNWALL]
Martin, William [gardener, J.P.; Green Island; d. 25/11/1905]. [PHILIP LAING]
Matthew, Elizabeth (52) [servant to Mr James Brown]. [BERNICIA]
Matthew, John (32) [mason, ag.; Waikare; d. 23/11/1863]; Jane née Waldie, wife (34). [BLUNDELL]
Matthew, Thomas (24) [fellmonger; m. Margaret McGibbon (ex Mooltan)]. [BLUNDELL]
Matthews, George (37) [gardener; Mornington; d. 25/9/1884]; Elizabeth née Pressley, wife (32) [d. 19/8/1911]; James (7) [printer, Otago Daily Times; d. 23/9/1911]; George (3) [gardener]; Isabella (infant) [unm.; d. 12/4/1905]. [LADY NUGENT]
Matthews, Jane (25) [sister of George; m. John Hartley Jenkinson (ex Blundell); d. 4/12/1865]. [LADY NUGENT]
Matthieson, Angus (24) [clerk, storekeeper;m Margaret Robertson (ex Larkins); d. pre 1855]. [CORNWALL]
Matthieson, William (28) [blacksmith, ag.; Tokomairiro; m. Jane Brown (ex Ajax); d. 23/5/1905]. [CORNWALL]
Mayo, James (35) [builder; storekeeper; High Street; d. 9/1853]; Mary née Stonier, wife (35) [d. 5/6/1856]; Anne (7) [unm. d. 9/11/1863]; Henry (4) [printer; unm. d. 7/9/1858]; Mary (2); Emma (8 months) [d. 28/2/1883. [MARINER 1]
McDermid, Hugh (28) [sawmiller in Sawyers Bay; Mayor of Port Chalmers, Member Otago Provincial Council; d. 6/1/1877]; Margaret Younger née McQueen, wife (20) [d. 18/5/1887]. [PHILIP LAING]
McDiarmid, Francis (45) [ag.; m. Janet née Milne, (ex Philip Laing); West Taieri; d. 17/8/1897].
McDiarmid, William (20) [ag.; nephew of Francis McDiarmid; West Taieri; d. pre 1915].
McDonald, Alexander (50) (alias Sinclair) [kept Royal Hotel, farmer]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
McDonald, David (22); Ann, née Ninian, wife (24); William (6 months) [all this family returned] [BLUNDELL]
McDonald, John (24) [ploughman; Wellington; may have died at Gore]. [MOOLTAN]
McDougall, Thomas (26) [farmer]. [MOOLTAN]
McFayden, Hugh (26) [cooper, clerk; North East Valley; d. 14/9/1884]; Ellen Hunter née Morison, wife (25) [d. Timaru 1896]; Hugh (2); Agnes Fortune (born on ship]. [MARINER 1]
McGibbon, John (40) [grocer, merchant; ag.; Mataura; d. 27/2/1892]; Jane née McConachy, wife (30) [Mataura; d. 12/7/1901]; Thomas (9) [merchant; ag.; Mataura; m. Isabella Williamson née Nairn on 18/7/1867; d. 27/9/1925]; Jessie (6) [m. James Steuart Shanks II on 30/12/1862; runholder, auctioneer; Mataura; d. 19/2/1920]; Jeannie (3) [m. James Miller, runholder at Islay Station near Mataura; d. 26/6/1886]; John (5 months) [merchant; ag.; Gore; m. Mary née Ward on 9/7/1878; d. 7/3/1925].
McGibbon, Margaret (24) [spinster; according to Dr Burns' Visitation Book, she married Thomas Matthew (ex Blundell) was separated from him by 1856, and had a child named Mary.].
McGowan, Catherine (18) [m. widower James Wright (ex Mooltan)]. [MARINER 2]
McGregor, Daniel (21) [joiner], Magdalen, wife (21). [MOOLTAN] [In NZ Co list; not in Hocken or Otago Settlers Museum lists]
McGregor, Niel Joseph Bruce (32) [d. 8/3/1891]; Margaret née Ogilvie (28), wife; [d. 23/5/1873[; Alexander (6) [d. 27/4/1909]; Margaret (2) [d. Timaru 14/2/1935]. [BERKSHIRE]
McGregor, Todd (22) [crewman on Philip Laing and deserted ship [Kakanui; unm.] [PHILIP LAING]
McHardy, James [solicitor; went to Nelson]; Mrs McHardy; Miss McHardy; James; William; Charlotte; Jane; Adolphus; Lanchlan. [The McHardys are not in the Otago Settlers Museum database, presumably because they didn't settle in Otago for any length of time.] [AJAX]
McIndoe, Ann Barr (17) [servant; m. James Stevenson, Taieri; d. 27/11/1914]. [MOOLTAN]
McIntyre, Robert (27) [teacher; North East Valley; left]. [BERNICIA]
McJames, Peter (25). [MARINER 2]
McKenzie, Jane (15) [m. James Henderson, (ex Mariner second voyage) shepherd; Horse Shoe B.] [MARINER 2]
McKenzie, Robert Gordon (21) [ag.; North East Valley; shepherd, landowner; Tokomairiro; m. Agnes née Smith (ex Larkins); d. Stirling c. 1899]. [LADY NUGENT]
McKenzie, William (25) [ag.; North East Valley; teacher, sawyer; Taieri; drowned within 7 years]. [LADY NUGENT]
McKinnon, Margaret (17) [possibly m. - McCane]. [MARINER 2]
McLachlan, Donald* (32) [shepherd], Catherine*, wife (20). [MOOLTAN]
McLachlan, Duncan (26) [ship’s carpenter]. [MOOLTAN]
McLay, Thomas John (29) [ploughman; Waikouaiti; d.28/8/1862]; Margaret née Russell, wife (28) [d. 29/12/1893]; John (8) [Waikouaiti; d. 17/10/1916]; James (6) [never married; Waikouaiti, buried Greymouth]; Jessie (4) [Waikouaiti; d. 2/1927]; Mary (2) [Waikouaiti; d. 5/1861]. [MOOLTAN]
McLean, Henry (20) [shepherd; m. Margaret née Marshall (ex Philip Laing); drowned 3/1/1857]. [PHILIP LAING]
McLean, John (25) [weaver; Waihola]; Hannah née Rennie, wife (24); Mary (3); George (1). [PHILIP LAING]
McLeod, Agnes (24) [ m. Richard Fry (ex John Wickliffe); Waikouaiti; d. 23/11/1894]. [MARY]
McLeod, Donald (30) [mariner, hotelkeeper; Riverton; drowned Mataura c. 1853]. [LADY NUGENT]
McLeod, Elizabeth (28) [ Waikouaiti]. [MARY]
McLeod, William (29) [ag.; Waikouaiti]; Charlottenée Martin, wife (28); William (5) [ Waikouaiti]; Francis (2) [Waikouiati]. [MARY]
McMaster, Allan (22) [ploughman, labourer, farmer; Saddle Hill; alive 1898]; Jane,née Cameron, wife (22) [alive 1898]. [MOOLTAN]
McMaster, Donald (50) [manager for Mr Valpy; Waihola; d. 18/3/1882]; Agnes née Gillies, wife (36) [d. 11/1/1893]; Jane (12) [m. George Buchanan McNeill (ex Mooltan); Kaihiku]; Mary Robertson (11) [unm. d. 1/1/1865]; Ann (9); Anabella (7) [unm. in 1898]; Hugh (7) [butcher; Milton]; Jessie (inf.) [never married; Waihola]. [LARKINS]
McMeikan, William (24) [ag.; Halfway Bush; m. Agnes née Fowler (ex Mooltan; later Agnes née Fowler; d. 15/10/1892]. [POICTIERS]
McMillan, Angus (31) [ploughman shoemaker; Halfway Bush; d. 5/3/1898], Margaret née McIntyre, wife (19) [d. 31/8/1859]; 2nd marriage of Angus McMillan to Elizabeth née Calder, 29/3/1861. [MOOLTAN]
McMillan, Janet (33) [(sister of Angus); servant; m. John Cormack, 26/1/1853; d. 1/6/1883]. [MOOLTAN]
McNeil, Alexander (26) [blacksmith; York Place; ag. Balclutha; (wife died during voyage and he remarried in 1852 to Janet née Brown, ex Ajax)], Mary née McLachlan+, wife (24); Ann+ (5), James (2), Mary (4 months) [d. 28/2/1850]. [MOOLTAN]
McNeil, Andrew (20) [m. Margaret Lindsay (ex Lady Nugent); to Napier]. [AJAX]
McNeil, James (46) [ploughman, ferryman; ag. Balclutha; d. 26/4/1875]; Ann née McFarlane, wife (48) [d. 22/5/1876]; James Jr (22) [ag. Port Molyneux; m. Mary née Chalmers ex Stately, 12/1/1854; d. 3/8/1908]; George Buchanan (18) [ag. Kaihiku; m. Jane McMaster, ex Larkins, 3/4/1856; d. 1/12/1866], John (13) [ag.; mayor; Balclutha; m. Margaret Ayson, then Henrietta Bannerman; d. 30/1/1905], Robert (11) m. Margaret McDonald [d. 1865]. [MOOLTAN]
McNeil, Margaret (27) [servant; m. David Loudon, ex Bernicia]. [MOOLTAN]
McNicol, Donald (35) [ag.; Goodwood; d. Palmerston 6/8/1910]; Mary née Barr, wife (30) [d. Palmerston 5/7/1899]; Donald (11) [sailor; drowned near Vancouver in 1875]; Mary (2) [m. Thomas B Kennard, Waimate; d. 20/5/1932]. [AJAX]
McPhee, Angus (34) [shepherd; drowned in the Taieri, 9/5/1849]; Ann née Fraser, wife (32) [later married John Holt; d. 14/11/1888]; Alexander (8) [seaman; d. 12/1/1861]; Hugh (6) [shepherd; Tapanui; d. 29/10/1909]; Catherine (4); Margaret (2); Charles (5 months). [AJAX]
Mercer, Andrew (19) [ag. grocer, mayor, J.P.; m. Jessie née Monro (ex Mariner voyage 1); d. 6/6/1902]. [PHILIP LAING]
Meyer, Charles (17) [farmer]. [MARINER 1]
Meyer, Herbert (18) [farmer]. [MARINER 1]
Millar, David (18) [millwright, carpenter building inspector; m. Elizabeth née Sherriff, ex Mariner voyage 2, 11/10/1855; Halfway Bush; Dunedin; d. 7/3/1908]. [MOOLTAN]
Millar, David (27) [ag. boatman; Port Chalmers; d. 24/1/1894]; Marion née Young, wife (23) [d. 1/4/1898]; Margaret (6 months) [d. 14/6/1916]. [PHILIP LAING]
Miller, Walter (26) [shepherd, ag. Puerua; d. 15/7/1898]; Mary née Bell (29) [d. 21/12/1890]; Mary (3) [m. James Thomson, butcher; Waitahuna; d. 11/1914]. [LARKINS]
Mills, John (29) (widower) [cabinetmaker, farmer; m. Jane née Calder (ex Mariner voyage 1); Green Island; d. 28/2/1893]. [PHILIP LAING]
Milne, Charles [ag.; Taieri Village (Henley); Eliza, wife. [BERNICIA]
Milne, Janet (24) [m. Francis McDiarmid (ex Philip Laing); West Taieri; d. 12/1/1881]. [PHILIP LAING]
Milstead, Joseph (29) [joiner; Rattray Street; Wellington; d. 1884]; Susannah née Garn, wife (28) [d. 3/1898]; Susannah Hinton (3) [d. 8/1917]; Ermina (infant) [alive 1898]. [AJAX]
Mitchell, John (20) [ag.; Inch Clutha, Oreti]. [MARY]
Mollison, John (28) [bootmaker, storekeeper; d. 10/4/1862]; Ann née Smith, wife (33) [d. 30/9/1887]. [EDEN]
Monro, Catherine (18) [domestic servant, m. John Healey (ex Mariner 1)]. [MARINER 1]
Monro, Jessie (23) [m. Andrew Mercer (ex Philip Laing); d. 10/10/1886]. [MARINER 1]
Monson, Henry (53) [carpenter, gaoler, solo father; d. 9/12/1866]; William Henry (22) [carpenter m. Elizabeth Wild née Batchelor (ex John Wickliffe); d. Eng. 1895]; John Robert (19) [Custom House officer; m. Mary Ann Roebuck; Port Chalmers d. 10/3/1914]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Morrison, John (27) [minister]. [LADY NUGENT]
Mosley, William Alfred (26) [machinist, farmer; Inch Clutha; d. 25/10/1889]; Mary née Howsley, wife (26); Mary Ann (4) [d. 1893]; Elizabeth Charlotte (3) [d. 26/6/1932]; Hannah Martha (8 months) [never married]. [JOHN WICKLIFFE]
Moule, Stephen (26); carpenter; North East Valley]. [LADY NUGENT]
Muir, John (24) [ag.; Lower Kaikorai; d. 13/10/1895]; Elizabeth Kennedy née McWhirter, wife (30) [d. 2/10/1895]; David (1) [d. 2/8/1923]; Margaret Cornwall (born on voyage) [d. 16/9/1917]. [CORNWALL]
Murray, Robert (28) [carpenter, ag.; Tokomairiro; d. 16/11/1908]. [CORNWALL]


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