Passenger arrivals at Port Chalmers,
New Zealand, 1848 -1851

(Expanded and corrected from Dr Hocken's 1898 lists)


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1. This list includes corrections and additions provided by Eleanor Leckie and the Otago Settlers' Museum.

2. All ship lists are also being updated as a result of additional research plus information supplied by families of passengers and crew.

3. Dates are  in dd/mm/yyyy format.

4. Names underlined and coloured red are family members who travelled on the ship.

MARINER, 684 tons, sailed from London, 8/2/1849, and arrived at Port Chalmers on 5/6/1849. Captain Robert Harland; Surgeon John Latimer Park, who afterwards practised at Tideswell, Derbyshire, England.

Archibald, Alexander (41) [flaxdresser, barber; NSW?]; Mary Ann née Pearson, wife [NSW?]; Archibald James (5) [NSW?]; Mary Anne (2) [NSW?]; [Hocken also lists Alexander (8) [NSW]; James (5) [NSW].
Bain, Thomas (34) [tailor; Princes St.; d. 30/12/1853]; Christina Sprot née Stewart, wife (31) [d. 25/12/1893]; Kenneth Burns (3) [station manager; Timaru, alive in Christchurch, 1898]; Margaret Mariner Clark (born on ship).
Bald, Andrew (28).
Barr, Thomas J (30) [ag., merchant].
Barr, Archibald (28) [ag., postmaster; m. Mary née Dick (ex Mooltan) in 1850; m. Sarah née Hepburn (ex Poictiers) in 1858; d. 20/8/1898].
Boyes, Andrew (31) [tailor, Caversham; d. in North East Valley, Dunedin, 6/5/1901]; Isabella née Matheson, wife (23) [d. 11/3/1863]; Elizabeth Ann (2) [m. 1/12/1870 to John Coombs; d. 22/8/1943]; Andrew (six months) [m. with six children, wife’s name unknown; d. 8/7/1917]. Andrew and Isabella Boyes had six more children, born in Dunedin: Isabella, Duncan, Margaret, David, John and Helen.
Calder, David (46) [mason, road engineer; Caversham; d. 15/10/1879]; Jane née Paterson, wife (42) [d. 15/1/1878]; Jane (22) [dressmaker; m. John Mills (ex Philip Laing); Green Island; d. 21/2/1898]; Hugh (19) [labourer; d. 12/9/1911]; Isabella (17) [milliner, m. John Boyle Todd (ex Philip Laing) in 17/5/1854 (J B Todd died 27/5/1854); second marriage to Henry Frederick Hardy in 23/10/1854; d. 21/5/1871]; Maria (15) [m. John Anderson (ex Ajax) on 13/12/1850; Caversham; d. 4/9/1916]; James (10) [d. Oamaru 22/6/1890]; David (7) [m. three times: Jessie Adam née Ure, 31/10/1866; Mary Ann née Furness, 23/8/1871; and Mary Jane née Brownlee, 24/2/1891; d. 31/5/1922]; George (4) [m. Annie née Clarke 22/8/71; d. Naseby 1/5/1924]; John (1) [m. Marion Tod née Burt 8/7/74, and Martha née Kinloch in 4/2/1890; d. 28/4/1930].
Craig, Robert (21) [farmer].
Ferguson, Archibald (21).
Healey, John (29) [baker, ag.; m. Catherine née Monro (ex Mariner 1) Dunedin; d. 4/11/1879].
Hogg, James (19) [engineer; went to Singapore].
Hogg, John (17) [farmer; gone in whaler]; Mrs Hogg.
Kerr, William (25) [labourer; to Invercargill]; Janet née Martin, wife (30) [Invercargill; d. 20/4/1877]; William Laing (3) [d. 20/5/1928]; Margaret (1)
Kerr, Hugh (21).
Lindsay, Peter (50) [ag.; North East Valley; d. 3/6/1866]; Agnes née Hill, wife (44) [d. 27/2/1870]; Peter (11) [ag.; m. Susan née Hill (ex Blundell); d. 13/10/1865]; John (9) [ag.; unm. North East Valley; d. 8/10/1970]; Isabella (4) [d. 18/11/1872].
McFayden, Hugh (26) [cooper, clerk; North East Valley; d. 14/9/1884]; Ellen Hunter née Morison, wife (25) [d. Timaru 1896]; Hugh (2); Agnes Fortune (born on ship].
MacIntosh, John (33) [ploughman; Fortrose]; Isabella née Watson, wife (25); Alexander (4); Hugh (5 months).
MacLaren, Peter (23) [mason; Green Island; D. 26/9/1889]; Jessie née McGregor, wife (22) [d. 10/6/1909].
Mann, John (13).
Mayo, James (35) [builder; storekeeper; High Street; d. 9/1853]; Mary née Stonier, wife (35) [d. 5/6/1856]; Anne (7) [unm. d. 9/11/1863]; Henry (4) [printer; unm. d. 7/9/1858]; Mary (2); Emma (8 months) [d. 28/2/1883.
Meyer, Herbert (18) [farmer].
Meyer, Charles (17) [farmer].
Monro, Jessie (23) [m. Andrew Mercer (ex Philip Laing); d. 10/10/1886].
Monro, Catherine (18) [domestic servant, m. John Healey (ex Mariner 1)].
Napier, Peter (21) [engineer].
Napier, David John (20) [engineer, m. Marianne Hannah Cargill (not one of Captain Cargill's family)].
Nisbet, John (40) [servant to Andrew Bald (ex Mariner 1)].
Orbell, John (47) [ag. Waikouaiti; d. 14/1/1871]; Catherine née Allen, wife (42) [d. 2/12/1875; Catherine (22) [m. C R Bidwell, Wairarapa; d. 1894]; Emily (21) [never married; returned; d. 1901]; Fanny (19) [m. Henry Charles Hertslet (ex Mariner 2); d. 28/4/1817]; Mary (17) [m. John Richard Jones, Matanaka; d. 25/2/1906]; Henry (17) [ag. Waikouaiti; d. 7/4/1891]; Edward (17) [d. Pihautea 6/1902]; Frank Alfred (12) [ag.; d 1893]; MacLeod Clement (10) [ag. Waikouaiti, Geraldine; d. Christchurch 10/3/1914]; Jessie (6) [m. (Sir) Henry J Miller, Member Legislative Council; Oamaru; d. 1920]; George Grahame (5) [d. by accident in Australia, 1883].
Ritchie, James (40) [ag.].
Smith, Robert (28).
Stirling, James Houston (25) [storekeeper, ag.; went south; d. Invercargill 8/2/1864];Jessie née Wilson, wife (26) [d. 22/8/1907]; John (2); James Grant (5 months) [d. Invercargill 16/3/1928].
Summers, Andrew (22) [baker, provisions dealer; d. 20/12/1877]; Jessie née Binnie, wife (23) [d. 17/8/1860].
Thompson, Thomas (27) [ag., carter, grain-store; d. 28/5/1879]; Margaret née Dunlop, wife (27) [d. 5/9/1895]; Agnes (3) [m. Robert Chisholm; Roslyn; d. 14/11/1928]; Margaret (1) [d. 20/6/1900].
Tylee, John Thomas (22); Mary Rickett née Bowman, wife (25), d. 1879.
Wilson, Robert (22) [baker, mayor; Caversham, a JP; alive 1898]; Jessie née Dick, wife (23].

Please don't ask us about Port Chalmers passenger arrivals later than 1851. Try Australia and New Zealand Passenger Lists. It's not our area of expertise. Also, please don't ask what individual passengers did after they arrived In New Zealand. All we know about them is in these lists.  

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