Passenger arrivals at Port Chalmers,
New Zealand, 1848 - 1851

(Expanded and corrected from Dr Hocken's 1898 lists)


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1. This list includes corrections and additions provided by Eleanor Leckie and the Otago Settlers' Museum.

2. All ship lists are also being updated as a result of additional research plus information supplied by families of passengers and crew.

3. Dates are  in dd/mm/yyyy format.

4. Names underlined and coloured red are family members who travelled on the ship.

.5. Additional material on this website about the Mooltan voyage:

· Diary of Mrs Purdie, wife of the surgeon on board the ship Mooltan.

· John McLay's reminiscence of his voyage to Port Chalmers on the Mooltan as a 10 year old.

6. Other material about the Mooltan voyage is published in the book Going Abroad.

MOOLTAN, 610 tons, sailed from Greenock on 11/9/1849, and arrived at Port Chalmers on 26/12/1849. Captain William Chivas; Dr William Purdie, surgeon.

NOTE: this list is a little different from the other Otago ship lists. It is based on the list in my  book, 'Going Abroad'. This list was extensively expanded and corrected from the original Hocken lists. It was cross-referenced against the New Zealand Company’s embarkation list, compiled at the beginning of the voyage and signed by the Mooltan’s surgeon and captain. There were discrepancies between the two lists, and in most cases the New Zealand Company list was deferred to. Some amendments were also made based on the ship surgeon's report, and information from descendants of a number of the Mooltan passengers (Curle, Duncan, Kirkland, McNeil, Bissett, Blackie, Purdie, McGibbon, Millar). Further amendments have been made from information supplied by the Otago Settlers Museum.

Other significant differences between this list and other passenger lists are that (a) it includes people who originally embarked for Otago, but carried on in the Mooltan to Wellington (marked *); and (b) those who died on the voyage (marked +). Total deaths were 13: two less than the figure published by some historians, but considered to be accurate, as it is based directly on contemporary reports by Dr Purdie and New Zealand Company officials.

William (25) [gentleman settler; Molyneux; m. Robina née Rattray].
Macadam, Janet Graham Caroline (39) [spinster, sister of Mrs Jane Todd; d. Anderson’s Bay in November 1876].
Oatts, Henry* (30) [gentleman; to Wellington], Ann*, wife (25), Ann* (4), Maurice* (10 months).
Pillans, Francis Scott (39) [gentleman settler; never married; Inch Clutha; d. 12/12/1889].
Purdie, William (52) [doctor, local government involvement; Dunedin; d. 30/5/1876]; Elizabeth Millar née Robertson, wife (36) [d. 22/12/1899]; Margaret Hannah (15) [unmarried; d. 13/1/1861], Jessie Don (9) [unmarried; d. 27/6/1860]; John William Mitchell (7); Henry Wight (6) [m. Eliza Mary née Dick, 1872; died New Plymouth May 1927]; Jane (3) [m. John Gibson, 4/11/1869; Ashley Downs], David Robertson (1) [bank clerk]; Elizabeth+ (2 months).
Todd, Alexander (46) [accountant; ag.; Anderson's Bay; E. Taieri; d. 1886]; Jane née Macadam, wife (37) [d. 9/12/1860]; Cornelius (16) [ag. 'ottenham', Enfield, North Otago (in partnership with brother James); JP; never married; d. 1894]; James Macadam (14) [ag.;  never married; d. Enfield, North Otago, 12/10/1904]; Janet Graham (8) [m. Alexander Shand, 24/4/1866; d. East Taieri 23/1/1902]; Archibald Graham (6) [never married; East Taieri; d. 1887]; Alexander (3) [East Taieri; d. railway accident 12/6/1884; William Cuthbert (2) ["Islington' East Taieri; m. Helen Muirhead 30/1/1894; d. Dunedin 1937].

Alison Hunter (36) [spinster; dressmaker, d. by 1898].
Blackie, William (45) [shipmaster ag.; Caversham and Taieri; d. 12/4/1862], Jane née Maitland, wife (36) [second marriage 8/5/1863 to James Forrest, ag.; East Taieri; d 8/6/1881]; William (11) [Caversham; d. 28/5/1853]; John (9) [m. Barbara Henderson née McLeod, 23/10/1868; Caversham; d. Taieri, 23/7/1861]; Mary Jane (6) [m. John Allan, 23/7/1861; d. Taieri, 8/12/1881]; Jessie Jones (4) [m. James Johnson, farmer, 19/8/1863; Taieri; d. 8/10/1907]; Catherine (2 months) [m. David Wilson, 31/1/1871; d. Flag Swamp, 7/3/1887].
Clemison, Plumpton (29) [gentleman; Sawyer's Bay, m. Mary Peterson (ex Mooltan) on 4/11/1851; d. 5/12/1873] (Clemison was originally to travel on to Wellington, but instead stayed in Dunedin.).
Doig, Andrew McJames (21) [farmer; Green Island, d. by 1898].
McDougall, Thomas (26) [farmer].
McGibbon, John (40) [grocer, merchant; ag.; Mataura; d. 27/2/1892]; Jane née McConachy, wife (30) [Mataura; d. 12/7/1901]; Thomas (9) [merchant; ag.; Mataura; m. Isabella Williamson née Nairn on 18/7/1867; d. 27/9/1925]; Jessie (6) [m. James Steuart Shanks II on 30/12/1862; runholder, auctioneer; Mataura; d. 19/2/1920]; Jeannie (3) [m. James Miller, runholder at Islay Station near Mataura; d. 26/6/1886]; John (5 months) [merchant; ag.; Gore; m. Mary née Ward on 9/7/1878; d. 7/3/1925].
McGibbon, Margaret (24) [spinster; according to Dr Burns' Visitation Book, she married Thomas Matthew (ex Blundell) was separated from him by 1856, and had a child named Mary.].

Margaret (62) [widow; d. 20/3/1867].
Beattie, Mary (14) [niece of Margaret Beattie; m. John Duncan (ex Mooltan), 15/2/1853; Corner Bush; d. 24/4/1887].
Gilchrist, Isabella (34) [widow; dressmaker; m. R Miller, Invercargill].
Hall, Margaret Dundas Oswald, spinster (23) [m. Daniel Macandrew (ex Titan), 3/6/1851; went to Aberdeen].
Harrison, Peter+ (45) [gentleman]; Martha+, wife (25); Hannah (8) [m. Joseph Martin, bootmaker], Joseph (5); Edward (4); William (2); Clorinda+ (6 months).
McGregor, Daniel (21) [joiner], Magdalen, wife (21).
Perkins, George+ (42) [gentleman] Catherine née Scott, wife (40); William (16) [ag.; Mataura; m. Jessie Reid née Johnston (ex Pekin) in 1853], John Henry (14) [ag. Mataura; m. Miss Johnson], James (11) [d. by 1898], Charles (9) [d. by 1898]; Catherine (7) [m. Wm H Perkins; Greymouth; d. 3/9/1927], Clarinda (3). [Charlotte born after arrival and m. John McGregor].
Peterson, Mary née Smith (42), [m. to Peter Peterson, who had arrived on the Kelso, earlier in 1849; Anderson’s Bay; d. 23/1/1887]; Mary (18) [m. Plumpton Clemison (ex Mooltan) on 4/11/1851; Sawyer's Bay; d. 28/9/1903], Rosanna (14) [d. 27/4/1927]; Jessie (12) [spinster; d. 16/7/1913]; Wilhemina (9) [m. Francs G Laing, ex Cornwall, 20/8/1858; d. 6/4/1867]; Peter (7) [d. Warwick, Queensland, 16/5/1911]; Agnes+ (5), Edward Loudon (3) [never maarried], Florence (6 months) [m. James Grey (ex Larkins), 23/8/1870; d. 25/10/1917].
Proudfoot+, Mrs Jane, (25).
Scott, Catherine Robinson (74) [widow; mother of Catherine Perkins née Scott].
Smellie, William (42) [gentleman].

William (16) [groom, grocer ag.; Kaitangata; d. 10/3/1912].
Barr, Jane (22) [servant; m. Charles John Hopkinson (ex Ajax), 18/6/1850; d 12/1850].
Barr, John (47) [mason; Wellington], Mrs Barr+, wife (48).
Beaton, Malcolm* (25) {ploughman}.
Bennie, Janet (24) [servant; m. William McMeikan ex Poictiers, 23/9/1851; d. 29/10/1853].
Bissett, William, (22) [mason; Molyneux; d. Kaitangata 9/6/1885], Agnes née McLeod, wife (17) [d. Kaitangata, 19/3/1914].
Boyd, Allan (22) [shepherd, runholder; Deep Stream; d. 4/9/1913].
Boyd, John (28) [shepherd, Deep Stream; d. 26/6/1898].
Cameron, Duncan (24) [ploughman, Halfway Bush; d. 2/6/1904].
Curle, John (27) [labourer, tinsmith; Mornington, d.3/1888], Elizabeth née Torrance, wife (28) [sister of Isabella and Margaret Torrance, also on this ship; d. 3/7/1862], James (3) [m. Jeannie Matthews; Lookout Point; d. 2/11/1924].
Dick, Mary (18) [servant; m. Archibald Barr, ex Mariner voyage 1, 2/7/1850; d. pre 1858].
Duncan, Agnes (14) [servant; m. James Pollock, ex Philip Laing, 3/8/1855; d. 11/10/1920].
Duncan, George (23) [shepherd, butcher, M.P.C.; San Francisco], Elspeth, wife (20).
Duncan, John Jr, (20) [labourer, butcher, ag.; Corner Bush].
Duncan, John Snr (39) [gardener, labourer; North East Valley; d. 28/6/1883]; Ann née Fortune, wife (37) [d. 12/3/1894]; Henry (8) [goldminer; Waikouaiti]; John (6) [brickmaker; North East Valley; d. 5/3/1898]; William (2) [d. by 1898].
Ferguson, Donald (32) [shepherd].
Gebbie, Alexander (46) [agriculturalist, teacher; East Taieri; ag. Saddle Hill; d. ], Isabella née Sayers, wife (38) [d. East Taieri, 15/6/1855]; 2nd marriage of Alexander Gebbie to Janet née Peterson, 1854; 3rd marriage to Jessie née Peterson, 28/2/1856.
Gebbie, James (32) [gardener; North East Valley; St David St.; d. 17/9/1900]; Margaret née Boyd, wife (33) [d. 1997]; James (3) [gardener; m. Jemima née McLennan, 14/1/1873; d. 25/11/1933]; Jeannie+ (1), John (three months) [drowned Greymouth, 1903].
Grant, Alexander* (28) [shepherd].
Kirkland, John (34) [ploughman; East Taieri; d. Gisborne, 15/6/1900]; Margaret+née Arnott, wife (26); William (1) [d. 21/2/1919]; Agnes+ (5 months).
Lumsden, Andrew (26) [blacksmith; Wellington]; Jane née Gibb wife (30).
McDonald, John (24) [ploughman; Wellington; may have died at Gore].
McIndoe, Ann Barr (17) [servant; m. James Stevenson, Taieri; d. 27/11/1914].
McLachlan, Donald* (32) [shepherd], Catherine*, wife (20).
McLachlan, Duncan (26) [ship’s carpenter].
McLay, Thomas John (29) [ploughman; Waikouaiti; d.28/8/1862]; Margaret née Russell, wife (28) [d. 29/12/1893]; John (8) [Waikouaiti; d. 17/10/1916]; James (6) [never married; Waikouaiti, buried Greymouth]; Jessie (4) [Waikouaiti; d. 2/1927]; Mary (2) [Waikouaiti; d. 5/1861].
McMaster, Allan (22) [ploughman, labourer, farmer; Saddle Hill; alive 1898]; Jane,née Cameron, wife (22) [alive 1898].
McMillan, Angus (31) [ploughman shoemaker; Halfway Bush; d. 5/3/1898], Margaret née McIntyre, wife (19) [d. 31/8/1859]; 2nd marriage of Angus McMillan to Elizabeth née Calder, 29/3/1861.
McMillan, Janet (33) [(sister of Angus); servant; m. John Cormack, 26/1/1853; d. 1/6/1883].
McNeil, Alexander (26) [blacksmith; York Place; ag. Balclutha; (wife died during voyage and he remarried in 1852 to Janet née Brown, ex Ajax)], Mary née McLachlan+, wife (24); Ann+ (5), James (2), Mary (4 months) [d. 28/2/1850].
McNeil, James (46) [ploughman, ferryman; ag. Balclutha; d. 26/4/1875]; Ann née McFarlane, wife (48) [d. 22/5/1876]; James Jr (22) [ag. Port Molyneux; m. Mary née Chalmers ex Stately, 12/1/1854; d. 3/8/1908]; George Buchanan (18) [ag. Kaihiku; m. Jane McMaster, ex Larkins, 3/4/1856; d. 1/12/1866], John (13) [ag.; mayor; Balclutha; m. Margaret Ayson, then Henrietta Bannerman; d. 30/1/1905], Robert (11) m. Margaret McDonald [d. 1865].
McNeil, Margaret (27) [servant; m. David Loudon, ex Bernicia; d (or buried) Mataura 29/6/1886].
Millar, David (18) [millwright, carpenter building inspector; m. Elizabeth née Sherriff, ex Mariner voyage 2, 11/10/1855; Halfway Bush; Dunedin; d. 7/3/1908].
Nicholson, John* (29) [shepherd].
Nicholson, Donald* (23) [ploughman[.
Sinclair, Georgina (28) (Sinclair was her maiden name, but she had been married to a person named Gilroy) [widow, servant; m. Robert Millar (blacksmith, ex Rajah, brother of David Millar, ex Mooltan), on 24/12/1857; d. Dunedin, 3/1/1909].
Sinclair, Grace Inglis (25) [sister of Georgina Sinclair; m. William Young Miller, (blacksmith,ex Rajah in 1853; brother of David Millar, in brothers and sisters double wedding on 24/12/1857); Invercargill; d. 21/12/1911].
Smith, Alexander (31) [labourer, farmer; Mosgiel; d.18/11/1896]; Jane née Duncan, wife (27) [d. 4/8/1878].
Steven, John Snr* (20) [joiner].
Steven, John Jnr* (20) [flesher]; Mary*, wife (18).
Stewart, Alexander* (36) [labourer Wellington], Isabella*, wife (38).
Torrance, Isabella Watson (14) [servant; m. James Souness; Maungatua; d. 29/10/1915].
Torrance, Margaret (21) [servant; m. Thomas Culling, ex Ajax, 1852; Mataura; d. 16/11/1863; bur. Dunedin].
Wright, James (27) [labourer; Mary née Griffith, wife (33) [d. 1850/1851]; 2nd marriage of James Wright to Cath née McGowan (18) (ex Mariner voyage2).

NOTE: In addition to the above official passengers, an apprentice seaman from the Mooltan, Robert Montgomery McDowall, deserted ship, stayed in Dunedin and became a schoolteacher. He married Christina Harrison (ex Blundell) in 1854, and died on 5/2/1903. The ship's second and third stewards, John Johnstone and Peter McGill, were discharged at Port Chalmers. McGill stayed in the settlement, marrying Jane née Brown (ex Eden). He died in 21/10/1894. It is not known if Johnstone remained in the settlement.

Mooltan crew list (38 in total)

, William (42) [master; b. Aberdeen; previous ship: Eacles].
Milligan, William (33) [1st mate; b. Stranraer; previous ship: Citizen].
McPherson, William (31) [2nd mate; b. Port Glasgow; previous ship: Arab].
Cook, Archibald (30) [3rd mate and cooper; b. Greenock; previous ship: Hamlet].

Beaton, James (28) [seaman; b. Aberdeen; previous ship: none].
Blain, John (25) [seaman; b. Paisley; previous ship: St Mary].
Davis, Joseph (26) [seaman; b. St Davids; previous ship: Cuthberts].
Dixon, James (20) [seaman; b. Liverpool; previous ship: Warepole].
Duckie, James (20) [seaman; b. Irvine; previous ship: Glen Huntley].
Duncan, Robert (18) [seaman; b. Port Glasgow; previous ship: Medora].
Dunlop, David (19) [seaman; b. Dumbarton; previous ship: John Stewart].
Edwards, William (26) [seaman; b. Norway; previous ship: Larkins].
Gibson, James (26) [seaman; b Dunfermline; previous ship: Clydesdale].
Hutchinson, Peter (23) [seaman; b. Edinburgh; previous ship: Cuthberts].
Kouka, John (16) [seaman; b. Otago; previous ship: none. (Kouka, evidently a Maori, joined the ship in Wellington, the next port of call after Otago. He was paid off in Calcutta].
Lee, John (24) [seaman; b. Greenock; previous ship: Charles Harrison].
Lovell, William (19) [seaman; b. Plymouth; previous ship: Inconstant].
McCuaig, Peter (28) [seaman; b. Port Glasgow; previous ship: Arab].
Palmer, George (22) [seaman; b. Philadelphia; previous ship: Bowditch].
Randolph, Henry (23) [seaman; b. East Indies; previous ship: Vernon].
Shurman, Henry (23) [seaman; b. Lincoln; previous ship: Jane Brown].
Thomson, Dougald (34) [seaman; b. Argyle; previous ship: Clydesdale].
Thomson, Laurence (39) [seaman; b. Shetland; previous ship: Great Britain].
Vilson, Sam (28) [seaman; b. Calmar Tweed; previous ship: Warepole].
Wilkes, William (16) [seaman; b. Plymouth; previous ship: Inconstant].

Apprentice seamen:
Brodley, James (15) [apprentice seaman; b. Greenock; previous ship: none].
Galloway, George H (16) [apprentice seaman; b. Ayr; previous ship: none].
McDowall, Robert M (21) [apprentice seaman; b. London; previous ship: none
; deserted ship in Port Chalmers]. [The official crew list says McDowall was 16, but family research suggests he was 21, and had lied about his age.]
McKellar, Donald (16) [apprentice seaman; b. Paisley; previous ship: none].
Russell, John (16) [apprentice seaman; b. Edinburgh; previous ship: none].

Other crew:
Conway, Francis (22) [painter; b. Greenock; previous ship: none].
, William (28) [sailmaker; b. Greenock; previous ship: Saxon].
Miller, Hugh (45) [carpenter; b. Greenock; previous ship: Cheiftan (sic)].

Cooks and stewards:
, James (25) [passengers' cook; b. Barbados; previous ship: Tebulon (could be Febulon)].
Johnstone, John (23) [3rd steward; b. Wigton; previous ship: Norna;
discharged in Port Chalmers].
, Peter (23) [2nd steward; b. Wigton; previous ship: none;
discharged in Port Chalmers].
Rickett, Benjamin (25) [steward; b. Essex; previous ship: Nestor].
Thompson, George (43) [cook; b. Paddington; previous ship: Sanson].

Please don't ask us about Port Chalmers passenger arrivals later than 1851. Try Australia and New Zealand Passenger Lists. It's not our area of expertise. Also, please don't ask what individual passengers did after they arrived In New Zealand. All we know about them is in these lists.  

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