Passenger arrivals at Port Chalmers,
New Zealand, 1848 -1851

(Expanded and corrected from Dr Hocken's 1898 lists)


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1. This list includes corrections and additions provided by Eleanor Leckie and the Otago Settlers' Museum.

2. All ship lists are also being updated as a result of additional research plus information supplied by families of passengers and crew.

3. Dates are  in dd/mm/yyyy format.

4. Names underlined and coloured red are family members who travelled on the ship.

LADY NUGENT, 668 tons, left London 7/12/1849, arrived Port Chalmers 26/3/1850. Captain John Parsons; Dr Frederick K Laking, surgeon.

Borton, Emily (19) [m. A C Strode, Resident Magistrate; d. England, 1/1890].
Borton, Frederick [d. Toowoomba, 14/5/1917].
Chapman, William (36) [gardener; North East Valley, Tokomairiro]; Helen née Knox, wife (31); Janet (5); William (3) [carpenter; Ravensbourne]; George (1).
Findlater, Alexander (39) [storekeeper, ag.; Halfway Bush; d. 18/11/1876]; Elizabeth née Turnbull, wife (36) [d. 6/10/1866]; Alexander (15) [d. 6/1880]; Eliza Leslie (10) [d. 21/11/1909]; James Turnbull (8) [in Catlins in 1893]; Mary (6) [unm.; d. 26/12/1873]; Susan Forrester (3) [d. 31/7/1924].
Lee, Andrew (18).
Lindsay, Margaret (23) [m. Andrew McNeil (ex Ajax); Clutha and possibly Napier].
Matthews, George (37) [gardener; Mornington; d. 25/9/1884]; Elizabeth née Pressley, wife (32) [d. 19/8/1911]; James (7) [printer, Otago Daily Times; d. 23/9/1911]; George (3) [gardener]; Isabella (infant) [unm.; d. 12/4/1905].
Matthews, Jane (25) [sister of George; m. John Hartley Jenkinson (ex Blundell); d. 4/12/1865].
McKenzie, William (25) [ag.; North East Valley; teacher, sawyer; Taieri; drowned within 7 years].
McKenzie, Robert Gordon (21) [ag.; North East Valley; shepherd, landowner; Tokomairiro; m. Agnes née Smith (ex Larkins); d. Stirling c. 1899].
McLeod, Donald (30) [mariner, hotelkeeper; Riverton; drowned Mataura c. 1853].
Morrison, John (27) [minister].
Moule, Stephen (26); carpenter; North East Valley].
Robison, Hugh (28) [merchant, runholder].
Russell, Andrew (37) [teacher, ag.; North East Valley, Southland; d. Ryal Bush, 27/10/1884]; Margaret née Grant, wife (35) [alive in 1884]; Catherine (11) [Southland]; William (9) [Southland; alive in 1898]; Margaret (6) [Southland]; Andrew (3) [Southland; d. 4/7/1920].
Steel, David Pike (22) [moved in 1864 to Victoria, where he died unm. 2/8/1893].
Waterlow, Richard (37); Sarah, wife (32).
Wilson, David (34); Janet née Glass, wife (35) [d. 1853]; David W (8); Elizabeth (1) [d. 20/9/1920].

Please don't ask us about Port Chalmers passenger arrivals later than 1851. Try Australia and New Zealand Passenger Lists. It's not our area of expertise. Also, please don't ask what individual passengers did after they arrived In New Zealand. All we know about them is in these lists. s.

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