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"Baby pens at the Naan Settlement near Tel-Aviv, October 1942"


21/10/42 Wednesday.   Was lucky to get a seat on the bus to the Naan Jewish Collective settlement near Tel Aviv. Out on the road to Jerusalem through groves and groves of oranges (not ripe) and grapefruit. Over a rough earth road to the settlement.
     A small world of its own. 500 members on a 600 acre farm. Everything is for everybody. One dining room, one laundry, one clothing store. All children are taken away from their parents after three months and looked after. Parents can be with them after working hours. Huge farm implement making place, 60 cows, hundreds of hens. Trucks and donkey or horse drawn wagons used. Cottages or two story flats. All girls in rompers with coloured hankies on their heads. They just draw what they need. All communities are members of the Palestine Labour Federation. Healthy lot and children are very bright. Anyone may go away if they want. Finance provided if they want to go on leave. Doctor in residence if a big farm. Kindergarten and school. Centralisons (sic) do the appointing jobs and they all have to help, and they all have to help in different jobs, except the specialised ones.

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