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"Gezira Sporting Club cricket field"

26/9/43 Sunday.   Playing for Maadi Camp again against the South Africans at Gezira. All day game so I went to church and then straight to cricket. They gave us a real leather hunt by scoring 270 for 4. At one stage they had 200 for none. We only got 170, mine 18. Free meals too. Went to the pictures in Town later.
    The Wogs are getting cocky now and are even assaulting the Services. Youths are organised in gangs and pinch things off you. We have been told to go in pairs.

[Some cynics have suggested that war for many Kiwis was one long sporting competition punctuated by short bursts of fighting. Perhaps an exaggeration, but Struan MacGibbon was certainly able to pursue his pre-war passion for cricket during long spells based at Maadi Camp, the New Zealand Division’s main North African base, near Cairo. The diaries mention no less than 65 cricket matches played at the camp or in Cairo. Struan played in 56 of them, scoring an average of 27 runs. He also played cricket during service in Italy and later in England, where he joined Walter Hadlee and other well-known players in the New Zealand Combined Services XI.]

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