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"One less Jerry"

13/5/43 Thursday. [Tunisia] Perfect quiet over the battle area. What is going on? Arm very much improved and hole nearly filled up. Our advance parties are supposed to be going back to Egypt and if it is true, our crowd goes to that terrible dust bowl of Kabret.
    12 noon Hostilities in North Africa have ceased. Whoopee!!! Exodus back to Egypt has commenced, and at 2pm we move to a Regt. Area in preparation. Only moved a few miles west. A few lucky hounds got leave to Tunis. Am I envious. Each day one out of BHQ goes, and I have missed.

14/5/43 Friday. Officers had a party in the orderly room and there was so much noise that I had to take up my bed and walk. I left in the petrol truck. What a mess this morning, Had a look at the battlefield of Takrouna this morning. The whole countryside is literally pock-marked with shell and bomb holes. They are nearly every 10 yards. Abandoned Hun personal gear and at least one dead Hun not yet buried that I saw. What a sheer mass of rock Takrouna is, from close quarters. We leave for Egypt on Sunday. No more leave to Tunis.

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