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"Dave McKegg in slit trench, Western Desert"

15/7/42 Wednesday. [Alamein] Four columns moved off at 11pm and after three miles we waited for the infantry to attack. Things opened up in fine style and tracers were tearing all over the place. White ones and red ones following one another like snakes. Look all the world like a glistening string of beads. Mortars and heavy stuff making the ground quiver, with Verey lights making it as day. A beautiful sight but deadly.
    5.00am Hun prisoners coming back.
    5.30am Digging in. Spent bullets fizzing by.
    10.45am Stick of bombs behind us and I was caught in the open. Dived under a truck and did I feel exposed.
    2.45pm Bombs landed 100 yards, away right near a swag of prisoners. What a smoke and blast and three trucks further away are in flames. Prisoners coming in all the time.
    6.15pm Prepare to move.
    6.25pm Action, tanks. We are now waiting.
    7.45pm Twenty Huns overhead. Ack-ack fire by the mile, hit one near the tail and down she came not quarter of a mile away and went up in a sheet of flame. That’s the stuff. Our fighters overhead now.
    8.00pm We got hell that time. A dozen big Junkers came over and let go everything. Sticks of four at a time and the ground fairly shook. Two more trucks on fire. Those must have been Hun fighters overhead because they did not interfere with the bombers. Very little damage compared to the number of bombs dropped.  
8.30pm Hell popping now and our guns forward one going flat out. My slit trench and I will be good friends tonight. What a hole a bomb makes. Five feet by five feet hole and the earth for 30 feet around all blackened.

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