Passenger arrivals at Port Chalmers,
New Zealand, 1848 -1851

(Expanded and corrected from Dr Hocken's 1898 lists)


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1. This list includes corrections and additions provided by Eleanor Leckie and the Otago Settlers' Museum.

2. All ship lists are also being updated as a result of additional research plus information supplied by families of passengers and crew.

3. Dates are  in dd/mm/yyyy format.

4. Names underlined and coloured red are family members who travelled on the ship.

TITAN, 350 ton schooner, left London 7/9/1850 and arrived at Port Chalmers on 17/1/1851; Captain Craik. The vessel was privately owned or chartered as a venture by James Macandrew and party.

Macandrew, James (31) [merchant, Member Provincial Council, Member House of Representatives; Macandrew Bay; d. 24/2/1887]; Eliza Hunter née Reynolds, wife (24) [daughter of Thomas and Marion Reynolds) d. 1/3/1875]; Colin (1) [Secretary, Education Commissioners; d. 16/3/1928].
Macandrew, Daniel (27) [architect; m. Margaret DO Hall (ex Mooltan); returned to Aberdeen; d. 26/3/1899].
Nicolson, William, Rev  (55) [Presbyterian minister; went to Hobart; d. 2/1/1890].
Nicolson, Ralph Steele (23) [pharmacist, then secretary, Mosgiel Woollen Company; d. 17/12/1913].
Reynolds, Thomas (67) [cork merchant; d. 1/1/1867]; Marion née Hunter, wife (65) [d. 10/11/1869]; William Hunter (26) [Merchant, Member Provincial Council, Member Legislative Council; Woodhead, Mornington; m. Rachel Pinkerton; d. 1/4/1899];
Reynolds, Thomas William (13) [ag.; Toitois; d. 11/4/1859]; Robert Thomas (10) [surveyor, ag.; Toitois; d. 8/8/1905]; Maria Thomasia (11) [m. John  Thomas Wright, stock and station agent; d. 11/4/1901]. [Note: Thomas, Robert and Maria were the eldest children of Thomas and Marion Reynolds' eldest son, also named Thomas, who lived in Portugal. This Thomas remained in Portugal, where he had another seven children to his Portugese wife, Maria Gertrudes née Branco Diaz. This family emigrated to Dunedin in 1857, in the John Masterman.]
Saunders, James (24) [bank clerk; Sydney].
Shaw, George B [artist and engraver].
Wain, Job John (14) [hotel keeper, coach proprietor; Opoho].
Fowler, Beatrice (25) [m. Edward Palmer, whaler; d. 17/7/1896].
Smith, J [carpenter].
Scott, James [carpenter; d. 28/3/1886].

[Blyth, W sailed with the Titan and died during the voyage.]

Please don't ask us about Port Chalmers passenger arrivals later than 1851. Try Australia and New Zealand Passenger Lists. It's not our area of expertise. Also, please don't ask what individual passengers did after they arrived In New Zealand. All we know about them is in these lists.

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