Passenger arrivals at Port Chalmers,
New Zealand, 1848-1851

(Expanded and corrected from Dr Hocken's 1898 lists)


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1. This list includes corrections and additions provided by Eleanor Leckie and the Otago Settlers' Museum.

2. All ship lists are also being updated as a result of additional research plus information supplied by families of passengers and crew.

3. Dates are  in dd/mm/yyyy format.

4. Names underlined and coloured red are family members who travelled on the ship.

JOHN WICKLIFFE, 662 tons, sailed from Gravesend on 22/11/1847, and Portsmouth on 14/12/1847, and arrived at Port Chalmers on 23/3/1848. Bartholomew Daly, commander; Dr Henry Manning, surgeon.

Aitken, George [labourer].
Alexander, Henrietta [governess to Mr Garrick's family].
Anderson, Andrew (38) [carpenter].
Atkinson, Edward Bland (23) [storekeeper, farmer, m. Margaret Westland; Oamaru].
Batchelor, Elizabeth Wild (17) [servant; m. William Henry Monson (ex John Wickliffe); d. 9/9/1862].
Bentley, Charles (26) [miller; d. 4/12/1896]; Harriet née Ragg, wife (21) [d. 7/12/1881].
Bentley, John (24) [labourer].
Blatch, Henry Frederick (40) [gardener; Upper Harbour; d. 6/2/1888]; Sarah Mercy née Batchelor, wife (40) [d. 27/12/1886]; Thomas H (14) [d. 1/11/1925]; Alfred (12) [farmer; d. 29/6/1918]; Ann Caroline (10); Mary Eliza (4) [m. Conrad Rains (ex John Wickliffe); d. 16/10/1885]; Emma (2) [unm.; d. 30/8/1867].
Brebner, Thomas (29) [labourer, waterman; Port Chalmers; d.4/4/1883]; Mary née Hambleton, wife (23) [d. 7/1898]; Adam Glendinning (3.5) [Stationmaster at Bluff d. 10/11/1910]; Robert (1.5) [drowned Martins Bay; unm.].
Carberry, Kitty (45) [servant to Cargill family; d. 12/7/1868].
Cargill, William, Capt.  (63) [leader of the Otago Settlement; d. 6/8/1860]; Mary Ann née Yates, wife (57); Christiana Dorothea (20) [m. William Henry Cutten (ex John Wickliffe); d. 24/9/1918]; Marion Jamieson (18) [m. John Rbt. Johnston]; John [m. Sarah Jones; 2nd Eliza C Featherston; runholder; in British Columbia; d. 2/1/1898], Spencer (17) [m. Mary Batson; went to India]; Annie Cunningham (13) [m. John Hyde Harris, ex Poictiers; d. 18/1/1881].
Chrystal, Francis (26) [baker, farmer; Akatore; never married; d. 1893].
Cook, Charles John (38) [mariner]; Eliza H née ?, wife (38).
Cutten, William Henry [m. Christiana Dorothea née Cargill (ex John Wickliffe); d. 30/6/1883].
Delaire, Phillip (32)
Derry or Derby, Fanny (30) [servant].
Dommett, Henry (25), labourer.
Ferens, Thomas (25) [ag. m. Margaret Westland; Oamaru; d. 6/6/1888].
Finch, John (34) [gardener, farmer; Milton; d. 22/11/1897]; Elizabeth née Shaw, wife (30) [d. 19/10/1875]; John (6) [m. Margaret Strain (ex Ajax); d. 24/1/1921]; Samuel (4) [carter, ag.; N E Valley; d. 28/2/1899]; Emma (3 [d. 26/1/1916); Elizabeth (4 months; [m William James Titchener 7/5/74; d.11/4/1927].
Fry, Richard (30) [carpenter, farmer; m. Agnes McLeod (ex Mary); Waikouaiti; d. 9/4/1899].
Garrick, David, solicitor [Sydney 1852]; Mary, wife; Caroline (8); David (6); Jessie (4); William Henry [auctioneer; Anderson's Bay].
Gibson, John Scott, (30)
Jeffreys, Julius [landowner; d. Auckland pre 1898]; Emily née ?, wife [d. 7/4/1909].
Lovell, Napoleon (28); Emily née ?, wife (28); and niece.
McDonald, Alexander (50) (alias Sinclair) [kept Royal Hotel, farmer].
Manning, Henry Dr [doctor; m. Elizabeth Stokes (ex John Wickliffe); d. 3/12/1884].
Monson, Henry (53) [carpenter, gaoler, solo father; d. 9/12/1866]; William Henry (22) [carpenter m. Elizabeth Wild née Batchelor (ex John Wickliffe); d. Eng. 1895]; John Robert (19) [Custom House officer; m. Mary Ann Roebuck; Port Chalmers d. 10/3/1914].
Mosley, William Alfred (26) [machinist, farmer; Inch Clutha; d. 25/10/1889]; Mary née Howsley, wife (26); Mary Ann (4) [d. 1893]; Elizabeth Charlotte (3) [d. 26/6/1932]; Hannah Martha (8 months) [never married].
Pike, Lucy (20), servant.
Rains, Conrad Williams Bingham (26) [labourer; m Mary Eliza née Blatch (ex John Wickliffe); d. 14/4/1877].
Shaw, Samuel (28) [painter].
Sidey, Robert Kay (19) [farmer; d. Sydney, 19/8/1916].
Smith, John Edmund (20) [clerk, ag., Factor Church Trustees; m. Matilda Trumble (ex Mariner 2nd voyage); d 13/6/1895.].
Stokes, Eliza [m. Dr Henry Manning (ex John Wickliffe)].
Taylor, Catherine (23) [servant to W Garrick].
Watson, George (30) [smith]; Susannah née ?, wife (25); Louisa (3); Henry (1).
Webb, Charles (18), [clerk to Capt. Cargill; m. Mary Anne née Graham (ex Blundell); Wellington].
Westland, William (31) [millwright; unm. d. 12/8/1850]
Westland, George (27) [mechanic; unm. d. 12/4/1853].
Westland, Margaret (24) [m. Edward Bland Atkinson, 5/3/1849; d. 6/4/1852]
Westland, Margaret (10) [m. Thomas Ferens (ex John Wickliffe); d. 27/10/1926].
Wilson, John (28) [painter]; Elizabeth née ?, wife (25).
Wilson, James (42), stonemason; Jane née ? wife (35); Thomas (18), mason; Jane (10), John (7), Isabella (5).

Please don't ask us about Port Chalmers passenger arrivals later than 1851. Try Australia and New Zealand Passenger Lists. It's not our area of expertise. Also, please don't ask what individual passengers did after they arrived In New Zealand. All we know about them is in these lists.

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